Yet another zombie apocalypse.
At first I was skeptical about this one, now I’m sure.
You know how something can be so bad it’s good?
Yeah, it’s that.
It’s kind of a parody of Walking Dead, but a lot less depressing.
Yes, there is still pus, blood, guts and brain splatter weekly, people die and are ‘resurrected’, but for some reason it’s not as dismal and somber as TWD.
They, ‘Operation Bite-mark’, actually HAVE a cure (not a science teacher), a glimmer of hope in the form of a convict who ‘volunteered’ as a guinea pig (along with a few other unsuccessfuls) to test a vaccine, which actually did cure. Sort of. He now seems to be something of a living zoman, he did not die but ended up being sort of a superzombieman with zompowers. The zombies leave him alone, and in some cases follow him like a leader.
This series has been renewed for a second season.

  1. Author

    Just (39 minutes ago)
    In the preview for tonight’s episode, they come upon an all female compound.
    The group, Operation Bite-mark (which is Citizen Z’s <(Simon) code name for them, since they are now responsible for transporting/protecting Murphy, humanities savior, the only survivor of a zombie bite [several, actually] whose blood [and apparently saliva] holds the world’s best hope for a vaccine), asks why only women and children are allowed inside, and what do they do with the men? The response was something like ‘you’ll see’.
    Wonder if it’s death by snu snu, followed by cannibalizing?
    Oh, and there was also mention of a zombie bear.
    I'll report further after watching.
    Citizen J, over and out.

    Just (4 days, 12 hours ago)
    I was thinking about this. Firstly, if they do have a zombie squatch episode, they need to definitely get Lance Henriksen as a guest star. And then that made me think, if they got some other cult film type actors doing cameos, maybe they’d get a larger audience! Like if Bruce Campbell would do one, or George Romero, or Jeffrey Combs, or even have them run into the Ghost Hunters (that’d be rather amusing, they could be trying to ‘contact the dead’ or something, then get bit and all turn into ones! Or have them run into the ‘Finding Bigfoot’ team!) 🙂
    I mean, they spend enough money making some really bad ‘made for SyFy’ flix let them skip a few and do this instead.
    K, just thoughts.

    Just (6 days ago)
    I keep wondering what they’ll come up with next, like have a run-in with a zombie squatch or what! 🙂

    Just (6 days, 12 hours ago)
    weeeellll, yes and no.

    Forlath Grey (6 days, 12 hours ago)
    Hahaha, what’s the production value like? Does it look at all ‘realistic’?

    Just (6 days, 21 hours ago)
    Just watched tonite’s episode. Glowing radioactive zombies! Nuclear plant meltdown. The heroes name was Homer (doh!) and the female pilot’s name was Amelia. Yeah.
    The writers must have a thing for national monuments (previously the Statue of Liberty, then the Liberty Bell) , tonite it was Mount Rushmore, someone turned the heads into zombie presidents. Yeah.
    Like Sharknado, it’s so bad it’s schlockily good. Sort of.

    Just (1 week, 6 days ago)
    Dunno if anyone is even interested in this series, but still SPOILERS…
    Yep, haven’t given up watching yet, though last nites episode was like ‘Groundhog Day’ with slightly different scenarios being played out over and over again culminating in an epiphany for Addy. All dream sequences. Kinda boring.

    Just (3 weeks, 5 days ago)
    Still watching. Seems there’s a zombie stampede blowing up dust in the midwest.
    SPOILER, if anyone is actually watching it besides me, that is-
    Their ‘Rick’ leader is dead.
    They actually have a real ‘cure’ as opposed to WD. Murphy (the cure) bit a guy and he didn’t turn once the guy died, though he (Murphy) isn’t looking so good.

    Just (1 month, 1 week ago)
    I really hope I misheard (wasn’t really paying attention) the preview for tonight’s episode, but I thought they mentioned sharknado, then zombies, in the same sentence….are they going to do a zombnado? I have to watch. Need to know just how far they will go with the schlock factor.

    Just (1 mouth, 2 weeks)
    Still feel compelled to watch it. Maybe it’s one of those things where it is so bad, it reverts to good? Or they are just using subliminal messaging….

    Just (1 month, 3 weeks)
    SPOILER ALERT!!!! Just in case anyone else is watching….
    To begin with, the writers really must have a thing for ‘monument-al’ deaths.
    The Liberty Bell? Really? Why not, in Sharknado 2 it was the Statue of Liberty’s head.
    I really wonder if they read the WD comic and are trying to beat AMC to the punch?
    Cannibalistic Norman Bates-ish cult? Well, it ends up being his wife, but is she dead or what? My brain must have either drifted or was numb by then.
    Their objective, other than just survival, is to get this ‘savior of humankind’ to
    California (rather than to Washington, but in this case the guy actually was injected with an experimental cure, then bitten and has proven the vaccine works, as opposed to Eugene, but I will say no more about that *zips lips shut*) and since they are, in this episode, only as far as Philadelphia, unless they go to the airport and one of them miraculously knows how to fly a plane, they’ve got a
    loooong way to go.
    I dunno, the more I watch of these zombiocaylpses I wonder is
    it worth the struggle?
    Anyway, apparently in an upcoming episode (next week perhaps) there will be Amish zombies. Now that’s original. Will they go against their religious beliefs and do bodily harm another!?!
    Guess we must wait to find out!
    Let’s face it, it’s like a mockery of WD.

    Just (2 months, 1 week ago)
    Guess it depends on what you find entertaining.
    Picture Sharknado, minus the sharkstorm and replaced by a zombdemic. Same type of dialogue, looks rather like a home movie….with zombies.
    I’m gonna keep watching it. I like DJ Qualls (he looks rather elf-like) as Citizen Z.

    Forlath Grey (2 months, 1 week ago)
    Haven’t watched it yet, is it worth it, any entertainment value at all?

    Just (2 moths, 1 freak ago)
    Watched Z Nation on Syfy. *sigh fy* I really hope they are going for schlock.
    That’s all I have to say about it.

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    And? Was it death by Snu Snu followed by cannibalization, or was it incarceration with periodic release to take out the trash and dispose of spiders?

  3. Author

    Haha 🙂
    Yeah, it was neither, actually. It was something of a ‘we hate all men’ sort of brain-washing cult.
    Roberta (the sort of Rick+Michonne only with a machete lead character) saw through it.
    It ended with Addy (who is losing it) being convinced to stay with said cult, security overriding her love of Mack (guess they’d be sort of the Glenn and Maggie’s of this series. Sorry, guess it’s really not right to compare them, but still.)
    Anyway, there was snu snu, whether or not Murphy, the snu snu-ee, (and convict savior of humankind) can be killed at all or if he is really already a dead of a different sort, remains to be seen. It was suggested, at the end of the episode when the team was being driven off, that he got the pie offering Amazonian female pregnant (do not know if it was planned to propagate the tribe, or if she just thought he was hot.)
    (Oh, and male children were forced to leave once they turned 13 [‘sisters of mercy’ pfft, right] and Mack, I guess, is determined to either go his own way alone, or is returning to convince Addy to leave with him His first attempt was not successful. Maybe a continuation of this episode, or a side story?)

  4. Author

    Oh, and there was no cannibalizing in this episode (except for Addy-flashbacks to a previous one), but there was a zombear, which they kept in a barn and fed an abusive guy to. It kind of reminded me of a movie I watched called ‘Prophecy’ about a mutant furryless bear caused by exposure to mercury poisoning. It was an interesting film, really. I like horror films. A lot. I mean, who doesn’t like nearly peeing their pants in fright, right? *Notice, I said ‘nearly’ 🙂 )

    (SPOILER ALERT [do I have to keep saying that? Isn’t it a given?) Anyway, another comparison, at least with the TWD comic, Addy’s weapon of choice is like a spiked, rather than barbed-wire, version of Lucille.)

  5. Author

    The most recent episode involved Murphynapping by another group with ulterior motives (and what’s up with Murphy, now, we ask? He’s gotten super powers, and not only do the zombies revere or ignore him, but his saliva can control the living! Yep. I wonder what next, will he be able to read minds, not just control a person’s body, or fly or what?)
    Basic storyline, they ‘napped then wanted Murphy to enter a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant so they could stock up, apparently drugs are the new currency exchange.
    So there are zombies running around inside the complex all hyperactive on meth., oh, and viagra. Yes, really. Zombies on viagra. All that needs to be said is thankfully, it only showed the reaction of the group’s observations and nothing more.
    What else will the writers come up with!?!
    (And Murphy was rescued by team Roberta. Addy and Mack have not returned.)

  6. Author

    Hmm 😐 after ‘proving my humanity’ once again when logging on…for anyone interested, the second season of Z Nation has begun!
    The premiere episode was rather meh.

    With the nuclear fallout I’d think there’d be radiation poisoning to deal with for the survivors but seems that is not an issue. Of course this is not a ‘reality’ show <(sarcasm) At least they are still determined to find a cure and not just surviving.

    Apparently George R.R. Martin is going to make a guest appearance-

    Maybe they’ll get others as guests, too. George Romero or Bruce Campbell! Uberkitschy!

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