When I heard the creator/writer/illustrator of Daisey Kutter and The Amulet, Kazu Kibuishi would be in attendance at the Maine Comics Arts Festival 2014, I was quite frankly giddy with excitement. Imagine my surprise when I finally met him and he turned out to be a friendly, genuine guy.

I hit him with that old cliche – ‘I’m a big fan, and drove a long way to meet you’. Instead of rolling his eyes and saying “next”, he signed and sketched in my copy of Daisy Kutter, had me come around the table so a passerby could take a photo for me and when I thanked him and turned to leave, he reached out and shook my hand. I was speechless. (Go ahead and scoff, then ask me to tell you about the time I met Mike Mignola so we can discuss the merits of an artist who appreciates his fans . . . but I digress). It quite honestly made my day . . .

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  1. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    And yes, yes that is my standard ‘Going to Con’ t-shirt . . .

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