What I did Yesterday

What I did Yesterday

Spent a lovely day wandering around Pasadena and then up to the Griffith Observatory . . .

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  • Just Justine June 19, 2015 17:34

    Busy looking and hazy, like most big cities, was this from a plane?
    I’d rather see photos of the observatory.

  • Professor Extreme! June 19, 2015 17:38

    What??? No picture of their famous Tesla coil?

  • Professor Extreme! June 19, 2015 17:51

    Yep, much prefer the uncaged versions. Plus its designed to run every day. Ours are all out, short runs. Its like comparing a car to an F1

  • Professor Extreme! June 20, 2015 12:07

    Errm, neither ?

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