Spent a lovely day wandering around Pasadena and then up to the Griffith Observatory . . .

  1. Just Justine 4 years ago

    Busy looking and hazy, like most big cities, was this from a plane?
    I’d rather see photos of the observatory.

  2. Professor Extreme! 4 years ago

    What??? No picture of their famous Tesla coil?

  3. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    @Just, it was a picture of LA taken from the Observatory.

    @Prof, honestly, it wasn’t much compared with the ones I’ve seen at your events.

  4. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    . . . I’ve obviously spoilt you bunch of ingrates.

  5. Professor Extreme! 4 years ago

    Yep, much prefer the uncaged versions. Plus its designed to run every day. Ours are all out, short runs. Its like comparing a car to an F1

  6. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    A bit of coincidence you mentioning cars, did you know Tesla Motors powers each wheel of their cars with a separate, small, powerful but contained Tesla Coil? Look, who are you going to believe, the Internet or someone who’s actually been to a Tesla Motors dealer?

  7. Professor Extreme! 4 years ago

    Errm, neither ?

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