We’ve added three new Group Features . . .

1. The Group Forums now have a Like ‘Thumbs Up’ Button! Now you can ‘Like’ those Group Posts you enjoy. You can vote only once per post, a running tally will be displayed next to the Thumb Icon in green.

2. You can now add images as attachments directly to your Group Forum Post! Just look for the Attachments Browse Button under the Comment Box. Enter your text, then browse your desktop, laptop or mobile device, select an image under 512K, select and hit submit. Your image will be attached directly to your comment post. Click the attachment thumbnail to expand . . .

3. Having trouble keeping up with the latest Forum comments? We now have a Go to First Unread Post Feature! Click on the Forums Tab in any Group and look for the ‘>’ symbol before the page numbers under any Forum Topic. Click that Symbol/Button and it will take you to your first unread Post! (We’ve just implemented this feature on existing Topics, so understandably it’ll take a couple click and refreshes to bring the feature up to speed on your last read Forum Topic Post).

Try the features out and let us know what you think . . .

~The Management


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