Walking Dead, Season 5

Walking Dead, Season 5

The Season 5 premiere of AMC’s the Walking Dead “No Sanctuary,” reportedly delivered the highest ratings in the series history, last Sunday. With 17.3 Million viewers, it apparently even beat out Sunday Night Football, in the key 18-49 demographic.

AMC President Charlie Collier was heard to remark “It’s a Dead Man’s Party. Who could ask for more?” quoting the famous Oingo Boingo song.

We watched the season 5 premiere of Walking Dead last night, I was on tenterhooks the first ten minutes or so and greatly entertained the rest of the episode. While watching the show, I tried to identify what it was that I found appealing about the whole thing, is it just about the visceral gratification of seeing zombies getting blasted?


Maybe I’m deceiving myself, but I don’t think it is all about the graphic displays of violence. I was completely vested in Tyreese’s emotional struggle and ‘rejoiced greatly’ when the zombies all went silent and Tyreese burst in the door. I shared in the party’s grim determination while in the boxcar, to survive at all costs. Admittedly I felt absolutely no remorse when Carol kneecapped Tasha Yar and left her to her ‘fate’, but I was moved by Carol’s acceptance back into the group, afterwards. What didn’t work for me so much was the writers’ attempt to make me feel some sort of understanding/acceptance for the Termites’ supposed tragic journey into becoming the ‘butchers’, and you can blow up a propane tank with a bottle rocket? Really? If only I had known that as a teenager.

Yeah, okay, sure the choreographed violence is a big part of the show, but I think it’s just a backdrop to the powerful storytelling going on. That is what keeps me tuning in, even though when it comes to people getting their faces ate off, I suddenly develop an intense visual interest in the floor . . .

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  • Just Justine December 7, 2014 18:44

    Speaking upon reflections of the character Beth, though she tried to toughen up, she seemed just too gentle and not survivor material and I think she knew this. She had slit her wrist in an earlier episode. I think life as it had become was just too much for her. She made a choice.
    Plus, would Nannyreese give up Judith if Beth returned? He (Tyreese) somewhat reminds me of Beth only tougher on the outside. Yeah.

  • Just Justine December 13, 2014 16:42

    Festus Rotgut: Zombie Cowboy

    Interesting concept. I wonder if the labels are printed on paper and affixed, or if the comic is printed directly on the glass bottles? If printed directly on the bottles, you could cut the curved top off and convert them into glasses maybe.

  • Just Justine January 24, 2015 11:44

  • Just Justine February 9, 2015 09:00

    Watched Walking Dead last night and just want to say


    NOOOOOOO! They killed off Tyreese! 🙁
    That huge, sweet, mothering, huggable teddy bear!
    He was like this stable, reliable, herculean, never give up character.
    Now who will take care of Judith?
    First T-Dog, and now Tyreese?
    And what was with the artsy fartsyness?
    Gotta admit, it was a very artistic death.
    Poor Tyreese, I’m gonna miss him 🙁

  • Just Justine February 9, 2015 17:38


    Just checked my WD calendar and guess who is pictured for March?
    Yes. Ty.
    No No No No No, this is just unacceptable AMC!
    I was like, he’s tough, he’s gonna pull through, he’s gonna make it….

  • Just Justine February 11, 2015 07:35

    You mean him picturing the sisters (twin boys in the comic)? If so, I think when Ty, Carol, Judith and the girls reached that house, he seemed to feel like they’d found a safe place and could settle down as a family. They would be like his adopted daughters. He seemed happy there.
    The body parts in the van they crashed into? Hmm, could they have just been
    decomposing and falling apart?
    Or maybe an indication of another group?
    Or perhaps Morgan did it? Maybe he is why the writers got rid of Tyreese? ‘There can be
    only one!’ <(in the comic Tyreese was the one beheaded.)

  • Just Justine February 12, 2015 07:28

    Guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention to details in the episode or to your post and shouldn’t have commented. Who the hell is Morgan? and understood, I’ll stop or add a ‘comic spoilers’ before(severed)hand.

  • Just Justine February 12, 2015 08:49

    I know who Morgan is.
    They had to get rid of Ty (see ‘there can be only one’)

  • Just Justine March 1, 2015 19:17

    Walking Dead is on at the same time as The Last Man on Earth!
    Wonder how that’s going to work out viewer-wise? Decisions, decisions….tragedy or comedy?
    Hmm, and what will be the cause of this apocalypse?

  • Just Justine March 3, 2015 20:44

    K, so I watched Walking Dead when it was on. Seems the episodes so far have been running reeaaaly sloooowwww.
    So, it must be close to two (or more) years for them? Since Lori would have been pregs for 9 months and Judith looks like she is about 8 or so months old now? And Carl has grown quite a lot. Have they ever said how much time has elapsed since the outbreak?
    It’s obvious someone has been trimming their hair, and a few of them (Daryl) must shave, right?
    I will say no more in case some haven’t caught up yet, but what I will say, however, is just read more of the comic and quite a twist just occurred (volume 22, haven’t gotten 23 yet.)

    Finally got to watch ‘The Last Man on Earth’
    It’s cute, but will have to watch more of the series to comment further.
    One thing, though, instead of having a toilet pool or fountain, which would really smell bad after a while, why did they not dig a latrine or just rig something over one of the sewer manholes?
    Question, why do they call it a manhole?

  • Just Justine March 4, 2015 07:48

    Meant to say there is at least one spoiler in my post below. Sorry I didn’t mention it sooner.

    Post apocalyptic shows like these make me wonder how i’d fair in such scenarios.
    If I was with a group, like in ‘Walking Dead’, I think I’d be ok. Not ok like Michonne, Carol or Andrea,
    maybe more like Maggie, well, probably like Beth. I dunno, though. How strong my survival instincts would
    be under those conditions.
    I think it would be worse to be completely alone, though. Extremely scary.
    On ‘Last Man on Earth’ I didn’t even see any birds or animals? Was it a mass extinction of some sort? They have not explained the cause yet.
    Maybe aliens vaporized everyone else!
    Who knows, maybe Phil and/or Carol will find a Bigfoot survivor. They would not be specifically a ‘man’, right? Or maybe even someone that was in the middle of having a sex change, like not a complete man or woman yet? Or later in the show they will change the title to ‘Not Quite the Last Man on Earth’.
    Or maybe like in ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’, everyone was somehow made really really tiny or even microscopic? They could be stepping on/squishing their fellow (hu)man!
    K, perhaps I’m over thinking this a little bit.

  • Just Justine March 9, 2015 19:49


    On Walking Dead-
    Guess Rick and Co. are trying to integrate back into some semblance of
    normality. Seems they are finding it difficult socializing. They are suspicious and
    wary, even though most seem to want to belong….and, if not, to take over.
    They are kind of like wild stray animals, still distrustful.
    If you’ve read the comic, you can see where some of it is going (Rick), but I will not
    comment further.
    Carol? Wow, what she told the little boy to keep him silent. Scary. Would she
    actually do it?
    There has been mention of the (romantic) gender preference of Daryl by the writer.
    Daryl is not in the comic, so you never know.
    In some ways I’m sorry I read the comic, or at least as far ahead as I have read, but then things are
    out of sequence compared the the series, and some of it completely different.

    The Last Man On Earth-

    I find both characters rather annoying.
    He’s like a detonator beer can to head smashing slob.
    She’s like a crazy anal retentive (but sweet) cat lady (minus the cats)
    I bet if Carol was smokin hot, though, Phil would do absolutely anything
    she asked.
    And now that sort of female has entered the picture.
    I dunno, I’m not finding it as funny as I thought it would be.

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