The Season 5 premiere of AMC’s the Walking Dead “No Sanctuary,” reportedly delivered the highest ratings in the series history, last Sunday. With 17.3 Million viewers, it apparently even beat out Sunday Night Football, in the key 18-49 demographic.

AMC President Charlie Collier was heard to remark “It’s a Dead Man’s Party. Who could ask for more?” quoting the famous Oingo Boingo song.

We watched the season 5 premiere of Walking Dead last night, I was on tenterhooks the first ten minutes or so and greatly entertained the rest of the episode. While watching the show, I tried to identify what it was that I found appealing about the whole thing, is it just about the visceral gratification of seeing zombies getting blasted?


Maybe I’m deceiving myself, but I don’t think it is all about the graphic displays of violence. I was completely vested in Tyreese’s emotional struggle and ‘rejoiced greatly’ when the zombies all went silent and Tyreese burst in the door. I shared in the party’s grim determination while in the boxcar, to survive at all costs. Admittedly I felt absolutely no remorse when Carol kneecapped Tasha Yar and left her to her ‘fate’, but I was moved by Carol’s acceptance back into the group, afterwards. What didn’t work for me so much was the writers’ attempt to make me feel some sort of understanding/acceptance for the Termites’ supposed tragic journey into becoming the ‘butchers’, and you can blow up a propane tank with a bottle rocket? Really? If only I had known that as a teenager.

Yeah, okay, sure the choreographed violence is a big part of the show, but I think it’s just a backdrop to the powerful storytelling going on. That is what keeps me tuning in, even though when it comes to people getting their faces ate off, I suddenly develop an intense visual interest in the floor . . .

  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Still one episode down but the tension of waiting for the other shoe to drop is excruciating.


    Yes, yes Carol would most definitely dispose of the boy if she thought it necessary, of that I am certain. On a side note, I was convinced at first the A marks on their hands had something to do with the W on the forehead of the zombie by the shack (the way zombies keep showing up there almost makes me wonder if it’s a walker spawning point), I wonder if that was the intent? And my guess is your knowledge of the comics somewhat diminishes the thrill of anticipation as you already know whether the senator is another psycho or not, regardless of whether or not they switch up the order of events.

    The Last Man on Earth probably deserves it’s own thread . . .


    Another one bites the dust….er, get’s dusted by bites… many MANY bites!
    Well, two have, but the one was not part of Rick & Co. Really gory moments.
    Eugene has manned-up and is even rather hero-ish.
    Lots and lots of intrigue.
    Don’t want to spoil it further.

  3. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Okay, finally watched S5, ep14, ‘Spend’ . . .


    Holy intestines, Batman – is this what they’re going for now, to out-gore previous episodes? And what the hell is Father Gabriel all about, is he just plain batshit crazy? Additional observations – would a Ricktatorship really be such a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, really? And isn’t it always the way – the jackass character has a foxhole conversion and admits his wrongs, only to be devoured alive by zombies two minutes later, before his conversion can do anyone any good. Loved the revolving door no-win scenario, a stroke of dramatic genius and finally, it would appear it sucks to be a black man even in the Walking Dead version of America . . .

  4. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Caught up last night on Season 5, with episode 15 – “Try” just in time for the season finale tomorrow, and quite honestly I found this episode almost as traumatic as ‘look at the flowers’ . . .


    Seeing Rick reduced like that was disturbing, I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive Michonne, and I blame Carol for putting Rick up to it in the first place. And you’re trying to tell me some soft civilian, hiding behind walls for the last two years is capable of giving Rick a run for his money in a bare knuckle brawl? I don’t buy it.

    So what happens now, Rick gets chucked out by the community? Yeah, chucked out until the W’s show up and Rick returns to save the day. Another thing, if Daryl is the character we’ve been lead to believe he is, there’s no way he’ll accept Rick’s ouster.

    The way I see it Rick isn’t the community builder type anyway, he tried that and it didn’t fit. He’s the Lone Wanderer from Fallout, or Clint Eastwood in just about every western ever, he saves the day and then rides off into the sunset, or like Moses, he gets his people to the promised land only to die before ever stepping foot inside paradise . . . bring on the finale . . .


    I was surprised at Michonne, too. Do you think she did it to protect Rick, fearing either he’d shoot someone (even though he lowered the gun) or someone might shoot him? Or, do you think she did it because she just wants to stay?
    I agree that Carol was the cause, she didn’t have to tell Rick he’d have to kill Jessie’s husband, but should she have kept it to herself, or gone to Deanna about it? Apparently Deanna already knew of it, but I think because Pete is a doctor they just turned a blind eye perhaps?
    When Jessie asked Rick if he would protect someone else under the same circumstances, and he said no, that was a little irksome. So if he wasn’t attracted to Jessie, it would be ok for the husband to beat up on her?

    I think Rick realizes the people of Alexandria are living sort of a delusional life within the walls.
    And although they are a ‘community’, they do not seem to look out for one another the way Rick and his group do.
    Like how they (the Alexandrians) were willing to leave people behind when injured.
    I believe Rick and the others want this, this semblance of normality, but realize it is not reality?


    #1. Why didn’t Carol, since she had an abusive husband, just go shoot Pete herself? At least she’d have an excuse. And she was already alone and on her own and survived.
    #2. The way Jessie talked, it’s happened before. Is Pete an alcoholic? Kinda seems that way.
    #3. If Rick were thrown out of the community, would Jessie and her sons go with him, or will she stay and continue to make owl sculptures? Which would be the lesser of two evils. We don’t really know how she feels about Rick.
    #4. And does Deanna realize if Pete kills Jessie, Jessie could then turn, bite him and the children and there goes the neighborhood?


    In the comic, Carol hooked up with Tyreese (who is the one slowly beheaded by the gov, not Hershel, whom I did not find as endearing in the comic as he [Hershel] was in the tv series.) In the comic Carol is completely different, tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrists (in front of Sophia, who is still alive in the comic thus far) because Tyreese and Michonne are having an affair (didn’t like Tyreese very much in the comic, either) and eventually goes to kiss a zombie and is bitten.
    Andrea lives in the comic and is now with Rick (who has one hand and is really scarred up having been beat up and stuff so many times.) Carl is still alive but Judith is not.
    Maggie is still alive, but not Glenn, and as I’ve mentioned before, the Dixons were never in the comic.

    I started out when reading them, not wanting to read past certain events, but since they are not in chronological order nor the character events exactly the same, it was just too difficult so just read on.
    In conclusion, even though some things are similar, it is not quite the same. In a way, it’s sort of like watching upcoming trailers or something, by reading them. No different than reading a book, then seeing the film adaptation. I read The Hobbit and LOTR and dunno that it really spoiled the film experience for me. I still cried over sad parts….and at the really emotionally moving ones, too.
    K, I’m done now, just in case you read any of this.

  7. O…M…G!!!! Last nights finale was soooooo good! Don’t want to say much *excitedly waving hands like chimp…hmm, wonder if they can do jazz hands….sorry, just typing random thought* in case some have not watched it yet.
    I only got to watch the first few minutes of ‘Talking Dead’ and wow, did not know Lennie James, aka Morgan, was British. Haven’t been watching it this season, but will watch this one later as it has Carol and Daryl as guests as well.
    Anyways, thankfully there was only one or two artsy fartsy contemplative moments.
    Oooooo, I so want to discuss this, but my lips are sealed *zipping* for now, Forlath.


    I will say, Morgan is like a Robin in the Hood with his quarter staff! I like the Morgan character, sadly though, how long will he last? Umm, there seems to be a record for offing strong black men.
    Come to think of it though, there aren’t that many black zombies and dunno that I’ve ever seen an asian one, either?

  8. Question, what is it with the zombies, do they all have osteoporosis from lack of calcium or something that their skulls can be crushed so easily?

  9. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Watched the finale last night and absolutely agree, it was a good one. And thank goodness it didn’t end in another Terminus boxcar type scenario, not sure my delicate emotional state could handle that again all summer long.


    Some thoughts – while I appreciate his new ‘every life is sacred’ mantra (cue sound track from Meaning of Life), does Morgan become complicit in Red Riding Hood’s eventually death at the hands of the wolves because he spares their lives in the beginning of the episode? Yes, he honked the horn after dumping them in the car, but then he closes the doors, giving them the chance to escape and wreck more havoc.

    We’ve been seeing a lot of zombies with the W, does that indicate ex members of the wolves or their victims, or both?

    Huge relief that Michonne ‘gets it’, and Carol rocks it this episode with her one liners “they’re children, and children like stories . . . ” and “Oh, Sunshine, you don’t get both.”

    What the hell was going with Sasha and her little nap on a pile of walkers????

    I’m a little disappointed that Daryl didn’t spot the trap at the cannery, and the note while a fun little twist, did amusingly remind me of that ‘Search for the Holy Grail’ scene when they argue about who would take the time to carve out their death rattle – “maybe they were dictating?” Hahaha, apologies, slight digression.

    Then comes another great moment with Carol, yeah, she has no qualms about terrifying small children if she feels it’s neccessary but she’ll also get up in the grill of the huge, abusive, obviously unhinged Pete, knowing full well if he goes for her she’ll gut him like a fish. I’m pretty sure the character Pete knew it as well, as he backs down, and then she hands him a casserole. Fantastic.

    The rest of the episode seemed to be all about how Rick and company, despite everything, have kept their humanity. Right up to the point where Deanna sells her soul to Rick, and then in walks Morgan. Talk about awkward.

  10. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Read Justine’s comic book spoilers and I’m so vested in the show characters now, that the comic’s version of events just strikes me as bizarre.


    I have a confession to make, I was so paranoid about what the group would find in Alexandria, that I did some internet snooping about the place, to see how things unfolded in the comics. I didn’t see much, just what the WD wiki had to say about Alexandria and the underlying theme throughout seemed to be an emerging conflict between communities, Alexandria and some religious commune. Couple that with producer Scott Gimple’s announcement on the Talking Dead, that up to this point other survivors have been the major threat and that was all about to drastically change, makes me wonder if this is when after five seasons the show finally splits with the comics general timeline of events? Just a thought.

  11. Forlath Grey 5 years ago


    Are there only two ‘Wolves’ causing all that trouble? Surely there’s more . . .

    In response to Justine’s comment, I saw a photo comparison online of season one zombies with season five zombies. It looks like there’s a conscious decision to depict a decaying of the older zombies over time. Hence the brittleness of bones and stuff.

    So the new WD spinoff this summer, looks like it might be more of a ‘how it all started’ kind of show. Not sure I’m ready to divide my loyalties between two zombie shows but will definitely check out the pilot episode.

    WD producer says there’s no conspiracy to kill off black male characters . . .

  12. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    And this is just funny. The actor who played Pete laments his new nickname . . .


    I think I’d go for something like the crossbow, but with a bayonet attachment. In case you ran out of arrows/darts before you could retrieve them.

  14. and speaking of weapons, Hank Hill would probably love this-

  15. With Season 6 nearing, there comes the question as to whether or not Negan from the comic will be introduced, or, if ever even brought into the show? He does play a pivotal role in the comic, and though the telly series is not exactly the same, there are still links.
    I’ve read Xander Berkeley will portray a new character, but it has been said he will not be Negan but possibly Gregory, another character from the comic.
    If they do decide to bring in Negan or a Negan-like character, I think Henry Rollins would be a good choice.
    SORT OF SPOILER…..Darken his hair, give him a barb-wire covered baseball bat and he’d be great. He’s got the tude!

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