Watched the walking Dead finale over the weekend. Downton Abbey take note – now that’s a finale. None of your ‘everything is great and everybody’s happy so let’s arbitrarily kill someone off’ rubbish.


The Governor, for the first time in the series proved he wasn’t all hype, at least in my eyes. I didn’t buy him as a bad ass character who could fight off a mob of zombies single handed, but I totally bought it when he went numb and just started killing – everybody.

And seriously, Andrea, you had it coming, but one zombie, you couldn’t even fight off one Milton zombie with both your hands free and a pair of pliers as a weapon? Sure, I get it, you were barefoot but that didn’t stop Bruce Willis taking on a bunch of terrorist bank robbers. I’m guessing your character committed seppuku out of pure embarrassment.

However, not everyone enjoyed that finale as much as I, apparently . . .

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Post Script: in response to the columnist’s assertion in the final line of his article that he fears the show will have “lost a good portion of its audience in Season 3” – the midseason premiere was 18% higher than the season premiere. Comparatively, the season finale was up 43% from the midseason finale.

David Aronchick, you’re an idiot.

  1. Here’s an interesting article-

    It’s sad they took out Hershel. I liked his character. He seemed the voice of reason, and tried to keep a positive outlook in a very negative world. Maybe Rick should give up talking on the phone to Lori and instead carry around Hershel’s head for advice! (we know Rick is losing it, and justifiably so.)
    AND don’t forget to watch, it’s this coming Sunday, the 9th!
    (Oh, and I heard tell that the Gov just might return! =O )

    (I’ve reread the comic recently, and it is soooo harsh, dark and extremely violent compared to the television series.)

  2. Forlath Grey 7 years ago


    What? No way, Rick has gone through and out the other side of that whole crazy thing (yes folks, we’re jumping ahead to season 4, try to keep up). Agree about Hershel and in what capacity exactly would the Governor return? Paperweight?

  3. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    The comic is more violent than the series? Seriously? Wow. I’ve never looked at the source material, black and white comics tend to put me off. But on the other hand I suppose line drawings would add to the atmosphere . . .

  4. Forlath said: ‘Agree about Hershel and in what capacity exactly would the Governor return? Paperweight?’

    k, so in the midseason finale, they did not actually show Lilly shoot the gov, just the inference, so there was talk about him possibly still being alive UNTIL the midseason premiere which showed he is really, truly, dead. dead. dead. And not coming back. Ever.
    The part with Hershel’s head, however, I found very disturbing. Actually that entire scene with the death of Hershel in the finale was extremely upsetting and gruesome.

    I was not terribly fond of the midseason premiere. At least it gave us more background on Michonne and gave Carl some screen time of his own.
    (I still can’t stop hearing the Llama In Hats saying Caarrlll!)

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