1. Speaking of zombies, the CW is cashing in on the phenomenon, too with ‘iZombie’

    She’s a very pretty zombie. Guess she hasn’t decomposed much yet.
    Wonder if she smells?

  2. I believe this is the series with the ‘zombie detective’ who solves crimes by eating victims brains to find out what happened. I shall pass. Just too hokey for me…

  3. Yes, Maj, that’s it. I think it’s based on a comic.
    It reminds me of ‘Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse’, guess because he’d burrow into the head of a corpse to use as transportation, ‘walking dead’ with a twist.

  4. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Tell the truth Justine, did you read the article before you posted the link? Just curious 😉

  5. Watched both ‘Talking Dead’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.
    ‘Talking Dead’ was, as always, amusing and as informative as possible with not giving away episode plots and such. Um, I was bored with ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. Maybe it’s just too early to decided whether it is worth continued watching. Maybe once the characters are fleshed out more or something. Dunno. None seemed very charismatic.
    Dunno, maybe they are just going for a younger audience, like other than Carl (geez, every time I think of that name I hear llamas with hats!) now, those in the Walking Dead are all mature olderish characters?
    Anyways, off topic sort of, ‘Z Nation’ will be back. Yeah, it’s schlocky, it’s supposed to be, it’s a parody, and I find it amusing.

  6. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Okay, watched the Fear the Walking Dead pilot last night, and I have to say I think they did a great balancing act between building suspense and getting the viewers vested in the characters before the inevitable chaos ensues. I find it somewhat revealing that pretty much in the same breath as your ‘I was bored with it’ comment, you expressed your enjoyment of ‘Z Nation’, a show that’s the polar opposite of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ on the sensory overload scale . . . nothing wrong with that, some people enjoy the Free Fall Tower, some of us prefer our entertainment with a bit more subtlety.

    Also watched the Talking Dead and I have to say I did not like the look on Gimple’s face when Garcia said he thought viewership would dip if Reedus were to leave the show . . .

  7. So did the ‘outbreak’ occur simultaneously in different areas all over the world, or was it someplace specific and just transported via travel (land/sea/air)? Was it ever revealed, and I missed it by being too caught up in the excitement of the fall?
    Animals are apparently immune, unless they are carriers….

  8. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Caught up with Fear the Walking Dead last night with S1, episode 5 – Cobalt. Still enjoying it, in some ways more than Walking Dead . . .


    . . . the exploration of how a modern, well trained, well armed military would function or not function as the case may be, in the face of a domestic, relentless, unanticipated threat was well portrayed. But I was confused by one thing – if the military is planning to pull out in the morning and ‘humanely neutralize’ the civilian population anyway, why go through all the actions they did this episode? Seems like a lot of wasted effort, but hey, it made for some fun story telling.

    So what happens now, if next Sunday is the finale, and they get approved for another season, will they be back during the Walking Dead season break, or will the next season not air until next summer?? Just curious . . .

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