Under the Dome

Under the Dome


I’ve got the nagging suspicion the entertainment industry is desperately seeking the next big ‘Friends’ or ‘Lost’  formulaic television hit. Watched Under the Dome last . . . here’s hoping the writers can stop thinking about ‘Lost’ long enough to come up with an original spin on an overdone concept . . .

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  • Just Justine June 28, 2015 02:03

    Watched the season 3 premiere

    Wow, it got even stranger.
    Matrixish. Do not know if they are all that’s left of civilization, don’t know if the dome is really gone, dunno if it’s aliens, government experiments, or none of the above.
    Concerning the monarch butterflies in the show though, I read recently that the butterfly is a symbol for psychology, and actually the root of the word, psyche in greek means both soul and butterfly. So it could be a psychological experiment.? Or not.
    I’ve not read the book, so have no idea.

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