Sidebar Generator

Create custom sidebars using the sidebar generator. Assign to layouts and insert directly into content using shortcodes.


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  • Create unlimited custom sidebars.
  • Add sidebars to layouts, pages, posts and other content areas.
  • Multiple sidebars per. page/post. There is no limit to how many sidebars can be included in a layout so you can place as many as you need.
  • Insert sidebars using shortcodes! Each custom sidebar can be inserted directly into pages, posts, widgets or any other content with a shortcode.


Using Theme Sidebars

[styled_image w=”400″ h=”170″ align=”right” alt=”Sidebar Generator” lightbox=”yes” image=”387″] The sidebar generator is a powerful feature for content control. You can create an unlimited number of custom sidebars simply by clicking “Add New Sidebar”, entering a title and alias. Once you have saved your new sidebar it is instantly available to any layout. The sidebar can have widgets added from the “Appearance > Widgets” area of WordPress.

Each custom sidebar is available to add directly into a content area using a shortcode.

[sidebar alias="sidebar-alias-name"]

These shortcodes can be added to page content, posts, other widgets, headers, footers, slide shows, top graphics and any other input allowing shortcodes to be inserted.