Blogs can be inserted using shortcodes. Blog post lists can be generated from any post category or page list.


[styled_image w=”218″ align=”right” alt=”Blog Settings” lightbox=”yes” image=”3093″] [bullet_list icon=”check” indent=”1em”]

  • Output blog post lists using the “blog” shortcode.
  • Specify image size for featured image, or choose no image.
  • Set post excerpt length.
  • Set number of posts per page.
  • Enable paging.
  • Configure post details: Title, excerpt, post date, comments link, author link.
  • Display posts by selecting categories.
  • Display posts by selecting pages or all child pages from a chosen parent.


Blog Setup

Basic Blog Shortcode

[blog category="1,2,3"].

Above is an example of a blog shortcode using only the category selector. It does not specify most options, instead relying on the default set in “Settings > Blog Settings“.

Blog Shortcode Parameters »


More Information

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes”]A complete list of all shortcode parameters is available on the blog shortcode page.[/message_box]

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