The Walking Dead S4, E10 – Inmates

Okay, watched the latest episode . . .

*Spoiler Alert*

Whose shoe was that? Luke’s?

I hate, hate, hate when they (by ‘they’ I mean anyone!) play the ‘children in danger’ card. I was on absolute pins and needles until Carol showed up and quite frankly I didn’t like it.

Also, leaving the girls and AND the baby on their own? Who would do that?

I loved that Tyreese hugged Carol – I kinda took that to imply – nothing is so bad that a little imminent death won’t make seem almost trivial by comparison.

@just-justine could Lizzie’s character be headed towards a shadow type role to counterbalance Carl’s light kind of thing? Ying and Yang? Just a thought.

Is there anyone by this point who for a moment thinks the ‘Welcome’ sign to Terminus is anything other than a foreshadowing of something bad to come??

Seriously, I get that constant fighting for your life probably counts as good cardio – but Glen fighting right through the middle like that, seriously?

Finally, mullets and 70’s mustaches? I’m inclined to think that right there is a pretty good ‘bad guy’ indicator . . .

  1. i take it you haven’t read the comic?
    they do try to connect some of the plot lines, as i mentioned before, just a lot is out of sequence and the fate of characters are shuffled around.
    in the comic, HUGE SPOILER HERE! there were twin boys, ben and billy, whose parents were both dead, Dale and Andrea sort of adopted them. you later find them, well, ben, mutilating a cat and he kills his twin billy and tells andrea not to worry, he didn’t hurt his brain so he’ll come back. the group does not know how to handle the situation and just locks the boy in the van. carl takes it into his own hands by shooting/killing ben, though no one knew who it was that did it.
    in the comic, abraham is a good guy, kind of hot-headed, but decent.
    the comic is incredibly dark, violent and depressing.

  2. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I’m still puzzling over that shoe, as well. For a terrifying moment I thought it was going to be Tyreese’s. But seriously, leave two small children with a crying baby? Nuts!

    Apart from that, if I remember correctly, Tyreese does not yet know that Carol killed his lover. Rick was just about to tell him when they were attacked.

  3. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    I think of the show vs. the comic, kinda like the new Star Trek movies vs. the old – it’s all about alternate timelines . . .

  4. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    (I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is one case where I have no interest whatsoever in reading the source material . . .)

  5. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Walking Dead back on tonight, presumably we’ll find out more about Terminus . . . there’s a thought, how far could those kids possibly of walked? Seriously, are Terminus, Woodbury and the Prison all really just a stone’s throw away from each other?

    I now want a Game of Thrones intro to establish geographical juxtapositions!

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