In less than two weeks Scottish voters will be going to the polls to vote on whether to leave the 300 year old political union created with the Kingdom of England (and Wales), back in 1707.

For those of us not from the UK, how did it come to this? Here an interesting article by Alan Little, thankfully light on the rhetoric, on the history behind the Referendum and the possible ramifications whether the Scots vote Yea or Nay:

Scotland’s Decision

What does the rest of the UK (rUK) think about it all? Do they even care one way or the other?

Scottish Referendum: Does the Rest of the UK Care?

Comments welcome . . .

  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Perhaps I should mention the first article has lots of photos to help hold the attention of those with short attention spans . . . 😉

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Firstly, my apologies to our British members for dwelling on a topic of potential contention.

    Secondly, could a royal pregnancy sway the vote??

  3. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    The headline about J. K. Rowling made me laugh out loud . . .

  4. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    A very amusing examination of the Yes vs the No campaigns. Watch it when you have a few minutes . . .

  5. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    As the world waits with bated breath, five hours till the polls close . . .

  6. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    When to expect the results . . .

    Referendum Vote

  7. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    CNN Predicts Referendum Vote Outcome . . . And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots . . .

    CNN Poll

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