Watched The Quest last night on ABC and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yet another reality show, this one takes the reality show concept to a new level of nerdiness as 12 competitors (Paladins), compete to be the savior of the kingdom of Everealm and last hero standing. Apparently it took five years to realize the project and four months to find the right kind of contestants. The show is filmed in an amazingly picturesque castle in Austria, with full immersion cast  staying in character 24/7.

Last night’s episode saw the first contestant go home after his or her (no spoilers here) team failed the ballista challenge. Heck, I’ll probably keep watching just because they had a ballista challenge. The show is good fun and here’s hoping it doesn’t get bogged down by the dreaded cheese factor . . . what?

  1. Just Justine 4 years ago

    I’ve been watching it. In the end it’s like a popularity contest. ‘Orlando Bloom wannabe’ Chris is just uber annoying, him and his bromance with Andrew, yeah, I wonder what would happen if they are the last two.
    Anyway, I’m cheering for Shondo and Bonnie.
    It does look like fun. I’m sure some of it is rehearsed.

  2. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    By rehearsed do you mean staged? I’m sure they must be coached to some degree – “no attacking the ogres”, and yes, while it is undoubtedly still a reality show, I’m loving the challenges they come up with. The running through the obstacle course wearing a gibbet one was brutal. I’m thinking they couldn’t get away with some of those if the show was filmed in the States. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  3. Just Justine 4 years ago

    Yes, rehearsed to some extent. I watch it on On Demand and haven’t seen the most recent yet.
    I suppose they have to sign a waiver, in case they get hurt?
    I like it, even if it is a reality show. It’d be fun to be a contestant.

  4. Just Justine 4 years ago

    Just got caught up. Orlando Bloom is gone, but his brofriend, Andrew ‘Ben Affleck’ Frazer, who was not all that broken up about it (since not being ‘chosen’ to be on Chris’ team), is just as annoying. Guess the brawns are beating the brains in this series. Yeah, they chose all the brightest crayons in the box. *rolls eyes*
    Guess there’ll be no more songs, with Bonnie gone. At least she got in her one for Sir Ansgar. And I’ve been suspicious of the Grand Vizier all along.
    I’m sort of cheering for Patrick, now.

    I have not read up on the background of the castle, I wonder if the NPCs are reenactors, like if it is a living history type castle, or if they are just hired actors.

  5. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    I think Bonnie is possibly the only one who got the point of the whole thing . . .

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