“Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.”

Watched the first installment last night.
I’ve read books concerning the murders, and the series is running true to what I’ve read (with perhaps some enhancements or hitherto unknown facts?)
The story begins after the trial.
It has started out quite intriguing and well done in my personal opinion.
Worth continuing to watch.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Lifetime

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    Not so much spoilers of the television series, more so historic information, whether facts or presumptions.

    I’ve read Andrew Jackson Borden, Lizzie’s father, was extremely miserly, not well liked overall (giving leave to possible outside reasons for his murder), and may have molested his daughters which could be the reason for Lizzie being acquitted of the crimes if it were known (in hushed gossip?)
    Andrew did have an illegitimate son, William, who may have tried to extort money from his father.
    After the trial she and her sister, Emma, did buy a larger home (‘Maplecroft’) and spent little time in spending the father’s accumulated wealth.
    Lizzie was also believed to have had an affair with her close friend, the actress Nance O’Neil, which caused an estrangement between her and sister Emma.
    Neither sisters ever married and, oddly enough, died within days of one another.
    Both sisters are buried beside their murdered parents in the family plot in Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River, Massachusetts.

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    Just wanted to add, the series is going under the premise that Lizzie did commit the murders, and is portraying her as committing more to attain what she wants.
    I’m curious about the mummified looking dead baby that was found in a box in the Borden basement by William, their half brother who was attempting to use it as some sort of blackmail against the sisters.

    The real Lizzie Borden most likely was the culprit and her sister Emma an accomplice (or at least knew of it), though there have been many speculations presented (a similar murder was committed nearby, around the same time as the trial.)
    It is curious that, due to an earlier robbery, Andrew Borden insisted all doors be locked, even when someone was at home; and that Bridget, the maid who was in her bedroom sleeping at the time of the crime due to an illness that had affected her and other family members, did not hear anything.
    Also that Lizzie burned a dress a day or so after the murders, though some have claimed perhaps she committed them naked, since no other evidence of the sort was found.
    It’s another one of those ‘we may never know the truth’ events.

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    Finally got to watch the second episode. They are continuing to present Lizzie as a ruthless murdering psychopath, though she is anything but antisocial, that has killed again. This makes a total of 5 so far (counting her father and step-mother.)
    In this week’s, Lizzie and Emma attended a sort of grand gignol theater performance; still have not explained the mummified baby corpse or what their half brother did with it since he was one of Lizzie’s victims; and apparently Lizzie buried, or at least boarded up in a coffin alive, a prostitute she took in and befriended.

    I’m not really fond of the music choices used in the show, it just doesn’t seem to fit for some reason.
    Trying to mix modern with historical doesn’t always work (unless it’s steampunk 🙂 ).
    If viewed as simply a crime drama it’s fair. After all, it’s not a documentary, though some people might think it is all factual. Case in point, I was watching the Masters of Horror video of ‘The Black Cat’ (Jeffrey Combs as Poe) with a friend and in the end he turned and said to me ‘I didn’t know Edgar Allan Poe killed his wife!’ *sigh*

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