1. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I watched the first two episodes, at the end of which it began to follow the same format as “harem anime”, a format I am not fond of.

  2. Author

    I wonder what the show would have been like if before Carol entered the scene, Phil found he wasn’t the last man on earth and another male was introduced instead? And then what would follow after Carol was introduced? Or if Melissa was gay?
    Phil has been shown to have a teensy bit of empathy (not sure if that’s quite the word for it) towards Carol, though is it honest or simply to pacify and/or get what he wants?
    Or if it would play out any differently if, say, Phil was more of an intellectual?
    You’ve heard two female opinions…guys, what say you about the show?
    I’ll keep watching for a while longer.

  3. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Phil on his own, upon deciding he’s the last person on earth, displaying a total disregard for everything and anything really, including personal hygiene – very funny. Phil and Carol as the last two people on earth, pretty much hating each other but trying to make the best of it due to the circumstances – also very funny. Phil fawning over Melissa when she arrives on scene – painful to watch.

    And to answer your question – if another guy had been introduced first and then Carol, I’m guessing the comedy would be a remake of the classic Spanky, Alfalfa, and Darla bromance vs. romance love triangle . . .

  4. Author

    Still watching.
    Phil is absolutely despicable!
    And now, he is no longer the last man.
    Todd. I wonder about Todd. Is he just using a different angle
    or is sincerely a really nice guy?
    And what’s with Melissa, now? Does she want both men?
    She seemed to be level headed.
    I really feel sorry for Carol. Yeh, she may be a nutter, but she seems
    sweet and thoughtful.
    Guess this show is really aimed at how shallow people can be.
    I read an article that when there are a multitude of females to choose from a male will be promiscuous, but when the ration is more males than females they will be more apt to monogamous. The article stated women tend to lean more towards monogamy in both cases.
    Of course, that was just one study and I suppose a lot depends on not only the individual, but the society and culture in which they live, and how they were raised?

  5. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    ‘This show is really aimed at how shallow people can be’, really? I thought it was all about what an idiot Phil is. His antics are painful to watch at this point, it started out so good, either they do something to change their current plot line or I’m done . . .

  6. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Okay, serious question, well, maybe not all that serious BUT – if, as it appears in Last Man Standing, most of the animal life on Earth were to perish along with humanity, what would be the impact on the world ecology? Would insects that live a parasitic/symbiotic existence with animal life die off, like mosquitoes and ticks? On the other hand would a lack of bug eating wildlife like birds and bats mean other insects would flourish, having lost their natural predators? Surely there would be a period of environmental upheaval as the planet sought to regain a state of equilibrium . . . would Phil’s enjoyment of insect free evenings outside be short lived due to the impending doom brought about by the complete annihilation of the planet’s flora due to the lack of pollinating insects?!?!?

    Just a thought . . .

  7. Author

    There are only two or three more episodes left. I dunno if there will be another season. I have doubts.
    I don’t find it all that amusing, though it does have it’s moments, so might as well watch until the final episode.
    Two new characters, both women, were introduced, and Phil is still generally despicable, but maybe he’s had a revelation in this last episode, as he admitted his lies. Did he do so because he had actual regrets, or just because no one would talk to him?
    Anyway, I think I get the title now, not so much literally ‘the last man on earth’ per se, but more like ‘i wouldn’t be with you if you were the last man on earth!’ maybe?

  8. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Tried watching Season 1, Episode 9 “The Do-Over”, last night and just couldn’t bring myself to sit through the cringe-worthy reveal when Erica and Gail meet the rest of the group and realize what a jerk Phil is. Nope, I’m out . . .

  9. Author

    What I don’t understand is why none of the characters seem to discuss what happened? Question why they are the only ones (that they know of) left? There are no bodies lying about. Where did everyone else go?
    I wonder if either Phil is dreaming it all, or is in a coma and this is the world he is imagining and maybe when he wakes up, or comes out of it, he will be a different guy? Like a lesson. Change his ways.
    Of course, this is a comedy and not supposed to be serious.
    Hey, maybe it will end up having something to do with the LHC!!!! 😉

  10. Author

    Just watched the season finale of ‘The Last Man On Earth’

    K, the last couple of episodes in a nutshell (yeah, it was a rather large nut)-

    Phil and Carol ‘divorce’ after the arrival of two new females.
    Phil, not wanting anyone else to turn up now, went to the billboard and painted over the message he had previously made directing anyone still alive to his location. He knocks down the ladder he used to climb up on, and was basically going to die since he told no one where he was going.
    Another character enters the scene, a tall, dark, muscular male, he finds Phil and returns him to the cul-de-sac where everyone lives. Of course, all the women are interested in this new adonis.
    Todd, feeling extremely insecure now, basically breaks up with Melissa (it was not her doing, and she seems to be the only intelligent and non-irritating one in the group.)
    The new guy tells them his name is Phil Miller, too. They have a contest to see who will be called Phil, the new Phil wins and now they call the original Phil by his middle name which is Tandy.
    New Phil and Carol become a thing, which makes ‘Tandy’ jealous and wants to win her back.
    He tries to convince Todd they have to kill New Phil by taking him out to the dessert and leaving him there. Todd realizes that is what ‘Tandy’ tried to do to him. ‘Tandy’ tries to explain yes, he did, but did not go through with it.
    Meanwhile, New Phil connects up solar panels so they will have electricity and at their evening get together shows them all by lighting up a pole lamp which ‘honest to the core Tandy’ knocks over then tries to say it was the wind that did it. Todd, still upset, stands up and tells everyone he saw ‘Tandy’ push the lamp over and furthermore planned to kill New Phil by taking him out to the dessert and leaving him, just as he had attempted to do to him (Todd). New Phil is furious and tells ‘Tandy’ to leave town. Tandy barricades himself in his house, refusing to leave. Kind hearted Carol, though living with New Phil now, feels sorry and goes to tell ‘Tandy’ they’ve forgiven him because he did not carry through with his plan, and to come join them at their evening sing-a-long. When he does, New Phil tackles him, ties him up, takes him to the dessert and leaves him there with enough food/water for 2 days. Phil eats all the food and is basically lying in the dirt feeling sorry for himself when Carol drives up, bringing him more food.
    Before leaving she asks him to sing the song he claimed to have written for her when he was trying to win her back. He did. Carol tells him to get in the car, they would stay together because she could not be with a guy who actually would leave someone in the dessert to die, that she’d rather be with someone who said they would but didn’t have the heart to do it.
    As they drive off into the sunset, Carol says let’s start over, ‘Hi, I’m Carol Andrew Pilbasian, a Scorpio and only child from Delaware, and he responds ‘Hi, I’m Phil Tandy Miller, a Gemini from Tuscan and I have a brother’. Carol replies ‘I never knew you had a brother’ and Phil says ‘there’s a lot you don’t know about me’.
    The scene changes to the International Space Station with one man inside saying ‘Houston can you hear me? Come in, Houston’ as the camera pans out you see a bunch of scored out marks on the ceiling counting days, and see a name patch on the guys shirt which reads ‘Miller’.
    I guess it is supposed to be Phil’s brother, the last man in space.

    Will I watch it if there is a second season? Probably. I’m still curious to know what happened to everyone else and what’s up with the International Space Station.

  11. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    So it’s safe to say it was just as cringe worthy and painful to watch as every other episode? I have to admit I like that ending, it implies Phil has made the effort to slightly redeem himself (emphasis on slightly).

    If they’re supposedly starting over, doesn’t that imply they’re driving someplace new, surely the group wouldn’t allow Phil to return? Or do you think if there ever is a second season they’ll keep the existing cast as is?

  12. Author

    Like Carol said, Phil/Tandy might have taken Todd to the dessert, but he couldn’t leave him there, so he does have a conscience. Actually, Phil is kinda like Bart Simpson, or like an unruly teen or frat boy. The way he’d destroy stuff just because he could, and try to weasel his way out of things. At times I felt sorry for him.
    I wonder if New Phil will go looking for his ‘Care Package’ (Carol. He had been calling her ‘Care Bear’ but she asked him not to because that is what Phil/Tandy had called her.)
    I think next season they need to show more of the character’s backgrounds BEFORE the majority of humans disappeared. Like what sort of lives they had. Could explain some of their actions.

    Maybe in the next season they will break it up between ‘The Last Man On Earth’ and ‘The Last Man Not On Earth.’ <(an International Space Station arc?)

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