Now if you want to talk movies that did absolutely nothing for me, here’s (another) one I watched over the holidays – The Internship. Let me preface this by saying I’ve been a big fan of Owen Wilson ever since Shanghai Noon, admittedly he does seem to play the exact same character in all his movies but hey – it works for him . . . most of the time.

 Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn together make a hilarious combination. Wedding Crashers are case in point. Apparently the intent with The Internship, was to bring the formula that worked so well in the Wedding Crashers and throw it into a 119 minute long commercial for Google. Yeah, not so much.

 Formulaic doesn’t even begin to cover it, you can see what’s coming from ten minutes into the movie, from the ‘hey, let’s get the nerds wasted’ moment right up to the standard, predictable ‘bad guy gets dissed in the end’ finale. I won’t spill anymore details on the off chance you find yourself snowbound in a cabin with a broken leg and all that’s available to watch is Golden Girls repeats and this DVD.

 Not everything about this movie was bad, the minor role played by Aasif Mandvi as a Google recruiter is very amusing, but admittedly I like Aasif (from the Daily Show), in every role I’ve seen him in, so maybe I’m biased.

 Final verdict, watch this movie first to establish a baseline for what qualifies as a slightly substandard movie and AFTER that watch the Lone Ranger movie . . . Then come tell me if you thought the Lone Ranger was so bad. . .


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