The Aliens have conquered Earth and taken over the bodies of much of humanity (well of course they have, they need to keep their production costs down – alien costumes/makeup ain’t cheap). Small pockets of human resistance still remain, desperately trying to avoid being assimilated.


Enter our heroine, Melanie, she gets caught early on despite trying to kill herself by jumping out of a 4th story window to avoid capture. She’s healed, promptly infused with a soul (The Wanderer), but Melanie refuses to go quietly into that good night, fights back, wins over the Wanderer (now called Wanda), yadda, yadda, humanity triumphs. Zzzzzzz . . what, it’s over?

About halfway through this sappy snooze fest, I asked MG if this was supposed to be another one of those Vampire type movies – a quick google search and sure enough, screen play based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. Yep, author of the Twilight *cough* novels.

One question (besides how did you trick me into watching this), if the palm sized aliens are inserted into the humans through a small incision at the base of the neck, and they travel through space in little Easter eggs, how did they conquer Earth exactly? I mean sure, once they had established a beach head, the rest is easy, but how did little amoebas in Easter eggs establish a beach head? You know what, never mind, not really all that interested. Oh, last thing, you know how you can tell possessed humans from the non-possessed? Colored contact lenses. Yep, I’m amazed that special effect didn’t break their entire production budget . . .

Yeah, I know, William Hurt is in this one . . . he must need the money.

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  1. Dee Stroyer 7 years ago

    I’m embarrassed to say I read the book… Sigh. It wasn’t great, but somewhat better than Twilight. To answer your question: the aliens have conquered dozens of planets with other lifeforms before earth, so I’m guessing they didn’t show up in their original form but as something more… dangerous? If I remember correctly, their very first (original home) planet was inhabited by creatures that were larger with many arms like spiders. They formed a symbiotic relationship and that’s how it all started. The more you know.

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