Went and saw The Desolation of Smaug, in 3D at the IMax. It was a veritable fest for the senses. Okay granted, there were some notable departures from the book, and the romantic interest angle was a bit unnecessary but I loved that the dwarves *SPOILER* fought for their cause as opposed to just sort of bungling into it like they did in the book.

Peter Jackson’s ability to choreograph fight scenes is unparalleled and is absolute poetry in motion (see the running battle on the river for case in point). And yes, yes I did actually shout out loud in surprise, in the movie theater at the spider scene . . . it was a very manly shout, I assure you, nothing girly about it at all . . .

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  1. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    Something else I enjoyed *SPOILER* the movie’s explanation for why the dwarves had undertaken this quest – i.e. to pilfer the Arkenstone to unite the dwarven kingdoms. This bit of creative license made much more sense than the book’s ’13 dwarves will somehow kill the dragon all on their own’ storyline . . .

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