I discovered the webseries the Guild, this week on Netflix. Created and written by Felicia Day who also plays the lead character ‘Codex’. It’s a mildly amusing and quirky show that started as a series of youtube webisodes. Each webisode (I just like writing the word webisode), is about a group of MMORPG players and their game play thwarting ‘real life’ distractions.

Each webisode is about five to ten minutes long, with an entire season lasting a bit over an hour. I just finished season three, last night. Plenty of amusing bits but no real laugh out loud moments, that is until Wil Wheaton joins the series as the villainous leader of a rival guild. I’m still smiling just thinking about it . . . check it out . . .

  1. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    Just finished season four, cameo by Simon Helberg (aka Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory), as a game master, very amusing . . .

  2. Dee Stroyer 7 years ago

    I’ve heard good things about this, but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Did you know Felicia Day has a cameo in the Dragon Age 2 DLC? I know, I know, compared to Dragon Age Origins DA2 was a bit of a let down, but I still enjoyed it and you should definitely play it before you pick up DA: Inquisition later this year. (Which is going to be epic!)

  3. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    I knew she looked familiar – “Joss Whedon credits The Guild as one of the inspirations for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which also starred Felicia Day.”

  4. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    Season five was epic (yes, I say ‘epic’ now). The Guild go to a gaming convention. Cameos galore – Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Brent Spiner, Kevin Sorbo (who, amusingly enough I did actually see at Boston Comic Con 2013), et cetera. But what made this season for me was the amusing portrayal of steampunk – “steampunk is not a whim, girl . . . it is a way of life . . .”

  5. Steampunks, although the ‘punk’ part might not make it seem so, are, lets face it,
    just a geek of a different colour (as in TWoO’s ‘a horse of a different colour’, and no, I am not calling SPs horses, or Pony People or Furries or anything like that.)
    Just as there are uber geeks who take things way to seriously, there are likewise SPs that do as well.
    It’s all play, pretend, dress-up and lots of fun.
    -The Sage of Steampunk

  6. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    Sounds like you thought I was having a go at steampunk – far from it! I’m a “steampunk aficionado” from way back. It’s precisely because I am such a fan that I found their portrayal in season 5 of The Guild so amusing!

    Check out Professor Extreme’s Blog Post – Around the World with 800 Steampunks and then follow the link to Professor Elemental’s delightfully fair and balanced evaluation of American Steampunks . . .

  7. Dee Stroyer 7 years ago

    I started watching it and just finished watching series 5 last night. Highly amusing! I’m surprised they managed to get so many star guests.

  8. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Only just realized I have a photo of Amy Okuda aka Tinkerballa, I took on Free Comic Book Day 2013. In my defense, I hadn’t yet heard of the Guild . . .

    Amy Okuda aka Tinkerballa

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