The FAA stops drones delivering beer

The FAA stops drones delivering beer to ice fishers on Minnesota lakes –

The idea seemed ingenious: Delivering 12-packs of beer to the cold, windswept surfaces of popular ice fishing lakes — using a drone.

Lakemaid Beer president Jack Supple brewed up a plan this winter to quench the beer thirst of ice fishers on central Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs, with retailers taking orders using GPS coordinates.

He and his colleagues rented a drone, tested the idea on Lake Waconia and then put up a video. Set to cheery music, it featured a six-bladed unmanned craft gliding over fish houses and gently setting a box of Frosty Winter Lager on a snowy lake.

“Our Facebook page went wild because our fans loved the idea,” Supple said. The video went viral.

But before he could launch his lofty new business plan, the government grounded him.

Not so fast, the FAA told him,

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  • Forlath Grey January 31, 2014 14:21

    Great, now I’m thirsty AND want a drone . . .

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