The Doubleclicks – a friend sent me a youtube link to a Doubleclicks video recently, specifically their “Fantasy Song (Dungeons and Dragons)”, delightfully animated by Brad Jonas. I was intrigued by the soulful yearning of the cello coupled with the nerd friendly lyrics.

As anyone who’s ever heard the strings cover of the Foo Fighters’ Everlong (Monica and Chandler’s wedding, anyone?), would probably agree, the cello has the ability to tug on your heart strings. The Doubleclicks are not the first people to use the cello with ‘modern’ arrangements and initially I presumed they would be similar to Rasputina (a delightful band in their own right), but the Double Clicks have their own distinct sound. The songs on their albums are of their own devising and tend more towards the folksy.

Their website describes them thus: “The Doubleclicks are a nerd-folk duo based in Portland, Oregon. The Doubleclicks – also known as Angela and Aubrey Webber – perform delightfully geeky songs in a way only a pair of sisters can – using their cello, ukulele and sweet harmonies.”

I downloaded their Beta Testing 1-2-3 album for a reasonably priced ten bucks, from their website I found the album to be everything the Fantasy Song promised, a stripped down, honest, perhaps even ‘innocent’ sound combined with lyrics about World of Warcraft, Magic Gathering tournaments, technology, Renaissance Fairs, heartbreak and the challenges of modern life.

The Doubleclicks fly their geek flag proudly and are adept at presenting candid insights in a lyrical fashion that will probably have you smiling in recognition of your own inherent nerdiness.


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