Since someone (and I’m not mentioning any names, you know who you are *looking at Ezra*) made all my post apocalyptic plans crash and burn, in the event of the total collapse of civilization as we know it, would you-
A, Cash out right at the start? (and I don’t mean closing your bank account)
B. Run around, flailing your arms and screaming?
C. Fall to the ground/floor and assume fetal position, sucking your thumb?
D. Fall to your knees, shaking your fists at the sky screaming NOOOOoooooo!
E. Man up and face whatever the dangers, head on?
F. <Say the word that letter often represents, adding a ‘this’ to it, and go get hammered
at the local pub, to hell with the world!
G. Go to your happy place and hope/pray everything will blow over in a day or two?
H. Or _________<(fill in the blank.)

Seriously, what do you honestly imagine you would do?
I know it depends on what caused the collapse. We’ll use zombies as an example here.
Also, what would be your weapon of choice (if any, but I’m pretty sure a stick, even a very large one, wouldn’t be enough), and what would you have in your bug-out bag?

Here are a few zombiesque things that might prove useful.
(Even if not, they are fun 🙂 )

First there’s the Z-Hunter Push Dagger-
push dagger

And to keep those dagger blades nice and sharp, there’s the ‘Zombie Nick Knife Sharpener with Emergency Whistle’-
knife sharpener

In case you decide to shave the old fashioned way, there’s the Straight Razor “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Friends”, also by Zombie Nick-

If you decide to settle down someplace, you can decorate with your own replica of Michonne’s katana with epic display stand-

And to predict your future, a Zombie Tarot Deck!
It’s listed as a ‘functional 78-card tarot deck offering valuable advice on life, love, family, friendship, automatic firearms, premature burials, cannibalistic children, and more.’
The retro illustrations on these cards are really great!

K, I REALLY like the artwork on the above cards and thought you might, too!
(I’ve read, they were created from altered/manipulated clip art.)

  1. Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    Retire to my bunker after a hard, but fruitful day, readying myself for the take over tomorrow.

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Drive away into the sunset with my lorry full of supplies that I’ve just pilfered from Professor Extreme’s bunker . . .

  3. Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    Oh those, you can have those. they were irradiated from a leak in my thorium reactor. good luck and remember to keep any teeth that fall out, they can be made into a pestle an mortar so you can still chew your own food.

  4. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I live right by the firth (just across the road). If zombies, I’d grab a boat and supplies and head for Ailsa Craig. Small island, uninhabited, rocky cliff face on several sides. Would be one of the easier places to defend.
    Alternatively, I’d drive up the road and hole up in one of these:

  5. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Buy Aisla Criag now and beat the rush . . .

    Aisla Craig

  6. Author

    Wow, Ailsa Craig is uberfantastic! It lists it has a lighthouse AND a ruined castle!
    So it was volcanically formed. Do extinct volcanoes have the potential to ever reactivate, though?
    The UK & Ireland, being surrounded by water, if you destroyed the bridges or whatever connects there are, I think you’d fare a lot better than, say, Europe, the Americas and other areas if there was a zombie apocalypse?

    (Had to look up what a firth was, and a curling stone. One learns something new all the time at the DWM! 🙂 )

  7. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    Haha,the UK is still a reasonably sized country. I think we’d have the same problems with zombies as everywhere else. But perhaps up here in Scotland we could rebuild the Antonine Wall and hole up in the highlands. 😀

  8. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I approached the missus about this a while ago, but apparently it’s not in the budget for this year. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ailsa Craig. I lovingly refer to it as “Muffin Island” (seen from a distance).

  9. Author

    I did not mean it to seem rude, it’s just not as large a landmass, like with countries attached together as continents and all….I’m making it worse, aren’t I *sigh*
    (My profile name suits me.)
    Anyway, it’s just so wonderful that history (human/civilization) there, spans so many millenia. Have you ever found any artifacts (ancient, like Roman [coins/clasps/etc.] and such)? While digging or the like?
    (Yeah, I wanted to be an archaeologist at one time…and a paleontologist…and a astrophysicist…and join a circus…and own a gypsy cart and travel the world as a puppeteer, and a whole lot of other things.)

  10. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    Oh no, no offence was taken. 🙂
    Sadly, I have never found anything more interesting than some cigarette butts and bottle caps when digging. *Sigh*
    And speaking of crazy childhood dream jobs, for years I pursued the idea of becoming a marine biologist, despite my failing grades in every single science and maths.

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