Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now on Netflix, and I was able to tear myself away from the 4th season of Archer long enough to watch the first three episodes. Initial impression – the writing is a tad juvenile, but the visuals are delightful. The space battles alone are worth the price of admission . . . yes, if you must know, there is a cover charge to my living room, it keeps out the riffraff. I hate to admit it but if I had to argue Star Wars vs. Star Trek, I would say Star Wars space engagements (both movie and animated series), make Star Trek spaceship skirmishes look like toy battleships in a bathtub.

I couldn’t find a good trailer for season one, but this season two trailer should give you a taste . . .

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  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Yeah, okay, watched another couple episodes yesterday and noticed the TiVo guide listed this as children’s TV, and there was me commenting that the writing was juvenile. In my defense there are a large number of deaths in this show . . . but admittedly the deaths are all robots or clones so I guess they don’t count? Seems like a human-centric prejudice to me . . . 😉

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