Don your knitted hats and grab your pistols, fellow Browncoats – the new Firefly comic has landed! Do you ever wonder what happened to your favourite ragtag spaceship crew after the events of Serenity? We’ve already had comics covering Shepherd Book’s mysterious (and surprising) backstory and the events between the final TV episode and made for cinema movie, but Serenity – Leaves on the Wind (Part One) by Dark Horse Comics takes us to just a few months after the crew’s last showdown with the Alliance. You better believe things aren’t over! Our loveable misfits have plenty of trouble heading their way.

As part one of a series, Leaves on the Wind focusses on setting the scene for what is to come. How is the crew coping with the events of Serenity and their losses? How has the Alliance reacted to their actions? The comic does a great job of capturing the characters, staying true to the originals, and we see some surprise appearances by old favourites. The artwork is good; I much prefer it to the artwork in the other Firefly comics so far. My only criticism would be that it’s a bit short, but that’s to be expected from the format.

Reading the other comics is not required, but perhaps recommended as you might be in for a couple small surprises otherwise. Either way, I can fully recommend Serenity – Leaves on the Wind to fellow Firefly fans.


  1. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    MG got it for me just yesterday as a surprise. Admittedly I was a bit nervous that it was something I already had since I wasn’t aware this was even coming out. Haven’t read it yet. Your review has me grinning in anticipation!

  2. Author
    Dee Stroyer 5 years ago

    Huh, what a coincidence. Enjoy!

  3. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Okay, don’t judge me, but I have to admit I actually got choked up about halfway through. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been waiting for this, for so long. Just seeing Kaylee portrayed again was such a joy . . . yeah, I’m a wimp. Anyway, I stopped about halfway through to prolong my enjoyment.

    On the critical side, I’m missing the Joss Whedon trademark snappy dialogue, but accept that the seriousness of situation might be a mitigating factor and brother Zack will up his game when the time comes.

    A small request – *It would be a SPOILER, if you haven’t watched Serenity* the preacher is gone, Wash is gone, Jane is gone – you have to bring back at least one strong male character, Mal (and the doctor), can’t maintain the chemistry on their own!

  4. Author
    Dee Stroyer 5 years ago

    Keep reading!

  5. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Woohoo! Just finished! Excellent! 🙂

  6. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    Just finished issue two, and bought issue three over the weekend. Issue two – I still really miss Wash and the Shepherd but am enjoying how the story is progressing. Issue three, I’m still savoring the anticipation and haven’t started it yet . . .

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