I just watched Secrets: Richard III on Netflix. I remember reading about this a while back, how they found his remains under a car park in Leicester… but I didn’t realize that the initial dig was actually conceived and sponsored by the Richard III Society.

The most startling thing was that he was buried under a parking slot with the letter R painted on it, and that they started their very first trench there, actually unearthing a set of human leg bones the first day of the dig. They then went on, doing several more trenches to determine where the King would have been buried, only to find that it was back in trench one… and subsequent evidence showed they had found him the first day. A very odd, spooky, almost Time lord influenced coincidence,  that.

Somehow I almost imagine Matt Smith popping into view wearing a Fez, carrying a mop and tucking a can of spray paint ineptly into his back pocket, sauntering up to the dig site to move the markers and disappearing in a flash of light while no one is looking.

  1. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    “Hallo hallo, Richie, old chum. The good news – I’ve done what you asked, I popped over to the future and ensured they found your remains. Bad news – apparently that’s gone and created a bit of a kerfuffle where your descendants are concerned . . .”

    Campaign for Richard III’s reburial in York heard by high court

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    The decision is in and Leicester wins out over York . . .

    Richard the 3rd to be reburied in Leicester

  3. Maybe they could bury his head at one site, his body at the other? You know, kinda like bits and bobs of Saints in reliquaries all over the place.
    Oh, but then are their spirits at unrest and constantly searching for their missing parts?
    ‘Give me my bone!’

  4. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Fossils? Does this mean Richard III will become the patron saint of paleontologists, and his tomb a pilgrimage destination?

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