Ripper Street Returning for Third Season!

Ripper Street Returning for Third Season!

Not too long ago (in our last incarnation to be exact), a certain Professor Buzz-kill (@professor-extreme ), crashed one of our Ripper Street reviews to share with the class the announcement that Ripper Street had been cancelled due to low viewer numbers in the UK. A certain dashing ‘devil-may-care’ hero (I will be reading for the part of dashing hero this evening, thank you), rose to the occasion to contest such wild speculations, and I quote “It would seem folly of the BBC to cancel a British show that has such good numbers in the American resale market” to which in response, this villain of a man, this nefarious professor of which I speak, fairly scoffed the blackheart that he is . . . yeah, okay, full disclosure – I don’t recall the exact exchange but there was definitely some scoffing involved and some asserting by yours truly – what does the BBC know about good TV? They bought Neighbors when Australia grew sick of it for heaven’s sake . . . but I digress. Point is, apparently Amazon has saved Ripper Street. So suck it Professor Doom-and-Gloom, Americans arrive to save the day after Brits drop the ball yet again (um, has the WWII references grown stale do you think?).

In all seriousness, this means another season of Ripper Street and that quite frankly, is excellent news . . .


Ripper Street Renewed for Third Season


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  • Professor Extreme! April 19, 2014 19:14

    Strange, I don’t remember much doom saying, Still a good result for decent TV.

  • Professor Extreme! September 14, 2014 12:04

    . . . and I confess, I had to turn on the subtitles.

    Yep, written in English, a language your continent forgot.

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