Red vs Blue is a comedic sci-fi webseries where colorful banter is synchronized with Halo console gameplay. Brought to you by the fine folks at Rooster Teeth, apparently they’ve achieved commercial success, won awards, everybody loves them, something about machinima, yadda, yadda.

I watched the first two ‘seasons’ Friday evening (about 90 minutes each), on Netflix. The characters are members of the two opposing teams in Halo I’s Blood Gulch scenario, I guess; full disclosure – I’ve never actually played Halo. In all honesty I can say the first season had some really amusing dialogue. It was so delightful in a refreshing “the movie ‘Clerks’ kinda way”, that I opened another adult beverage and put on season two. Still amusing, but they appear to have sacrificed a bit of that dialogue for zany antics in the second season. Bit of a shame, the first season actually had me reminiscing about my time in the service, the way comrades would rag on each other to break up the monotony of military life. I guess they felt they needed more action in the second season? Dunno, slightly disappointing but I’ll probably still give season three a go next time I’ve got the house to myself and adult beverages to hand.

Coincidentally, walked by the Rooster Teeth booth at Pax East a couple times without any clear notion who they were. Never got the opportunity to find out because every time we went by, there was an enforcer blocking the queue saying they were full and to come back later, begging the question – why are you even here? What? Yes, I know they were there to up their brand and sell merchandise, I just said that as a lead in to the attached vid, you know what – forget I mentioned it . . . but seriously, still check out the attached vid . . .

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  1. Forlath Grey 5 years ago

    15 minutes into season 3 . . . it’s *expletive* stupid. Looks like they used up all their best dialogue in season one . . . just checked wiki, apparently there’s currently 13 seasons of this drivel? I’m out . . .

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