Next game recommendation is for turn based Rebuild, created by Sarah Northway.

This game is very addictive. A basic (and fun), concept, you join a small group of survivors in a small compound, in a post zombie apocalypse city.  You can add territory to your safe zone, build farms, guard towers or housing, arm community members, assign people to research, farming, guard duty or morale boosting – like bar tending, go on recon and scavenge missions, etcetera.

There are numerous victory conditions to this game, you can research a cure, start a new republic and draft a constitution, or repair a helicopter and fly somewhere new. All the time you are pursuing your goals the zombie hordes are getting stronger and attacking more frequently. It’s always a blow when your head scientist is killed in a zombie attack, or you lose that mall you had almost finished fortifying.

This game definitely has replay value as you try out different strategies. This game has frozen up or crashed on me occasionally. Not enough to really be a nuisance but still, hopefully they will address with future updates.


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