Every year for over a decade, when the weather starts to turn colder, one small New England town gathers on their village common to compete for the honor of being recognized as owner of largest pumpkin grown over the past season.

A small but well visited fair takes place as townsfolk and visitors gather for this momentous occasion. Then, once the awards have been awarded and the pumpkin growers have received their accolades. The crowds disperse and the giant pumpkins are taken . . . away.

The following morning the pumpkins reappear, no longer recognizable as unusally large members of the squash family, but instead reborn as valiant sea going vessels, ready to compete in a race for glory!

Here follows my feeble attempts at capturing visually, the magnificence of costumed adults paddling upstream in hollowed out, giant pumpkin boats . . .


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  1. Ezra Yesterday 5 years ago

    OK, its official…
    You no longer get to make fun of the South.

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