Photo #4

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  • Professor Extreme! January 15, 2015 12:51

    Sir !, If I hear you again comment that I have a fine looking cock. I will be forced to engage you in fisticuffs.

  • Forlath Grey January 15, 2015 13:08

    Mr. Johnson, I regret to inform you that your son has the worst case of Chiken Pox I have ever seen . . .

  • Forlath Grey January 15, 2015 14:01

    Professor Coxcomb’s Human Pheremone Experiment Day 13: After a couple of false starts, I think I’ve finally hit upon the correct formula. Everything appears to be going according to plan. Why did the chicken cross the road? World domination, that’s why! HAHAHACOCKADOODLEDOOOOOOOOOO

  • Forlath Grey January 16, 2015 09:16

    “CUT! Dammit Todd, you’re supposed to be stroking the chicken, this is a story about the chicken overcoming prejudice to win the hearts and minds of the townsfolk! Now look at the chicken, NOT INTO THE CAMERA, YOU IDIOT!”

  • Forlath Grey January 16, 2015 09:23

    Despite the cover up, it is a documented fact that President Lincoln was a known member of the seedy D.C. ‘chicken fancier’ subculture . . .

  • Professor Extreme! January 16, 2015 17:16

    The American secret attempt for heavy duty carrier pidgins fails miserably.
    Its was a poultry effort at best.

  • Maj. Bastable Fitzwiggins January 17, 2015 00:03

    Hard to keep a straight face with Jed and Rosco paying so much attention to my bird.

  • Maj. Bastable Fitzwiggins January 17, 2015 00:05

    I know times are tough Jed, what with the women folk still back east, but…ummm…you can stop touching my bird now.

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