1. Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    Sir !, If I hear you again comment that I have a fine looking cock. I will be forced to engage you in fisticuffs.

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Mr. Johnson, I regret to inform you that your son has the worst case of Chiken Pox I have ever seen . . .

  3. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 6 years ago

    Teaser poster for the movie “No Time For Chicks” starring John Carradine, Matthew McConaughey and Greg Kinnear… featuring Tom Cruise as “Cocky”

  4. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Professor Coxcomb’s Human Pheremone Experiment Day 13: After a couple of false starts, I think I’ve finally hit upon the correct formula. Everything appears to be going according to plan. Why did the chicken cross the road? World domination, that’s why! HAHAHACOCKADOODLEDOOOOOOOOOO

  5. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    “CUT! Dammit Todd, you’re supposed to be stroking the chicken, this is a story about the chicken overcoming prejudice to win the hearts and minds of the townsfolk! Now look at the chicken, NOT INTO THE CAMERA, YOU IDIOT!”

  6. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Despite the cover up, it is a documented fact that President Lincoln was a known member of the seedy D.C. ‘chicken fancier’ subculture . . .

  7. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 6 years ago

    As the tide of the war turned against them, the Confederates began a desparate, and at times hilarious, propaganda campaign aimed at reassuring ‘the folks back home’. To that end they began blaming their mounting setbacks on all sorts of improbable causes. Pictured here surrounded by his judges is Freddy Doodle-Do, the only known case of an animal sentenced to death [for Dereliction of Duty] during the Civil War.
    “This was a clear case of gross inncompetence,” Chief Justice Calhoun [facing camera]the Ranking member of the sentencing tribunal said in a statement released after the post-execution luncheon, ” Mr. Doodle-do was the brigade Rooster; he failed to crow and awaken General Hood’s troops in a timely fashion, thus causing a significant loss of life in the Battle of Nashville.”
    The Justice went on to say, “While we never enjoy handing down a death sentence, in this case the defendant was able to continue to serve in a post mortem capacity… Not only is he a reminder that the military justice system is alive and well here in the Confederacy, he was also delicious.”

  8. Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    The American secret attempt for heavy duty carrier pidgins fails miserably.
    Its was a poultry effort at best.

  9. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 6 years ago

    “A Poultry Effort”.
    Nice touch, that.

  10. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 6 years ago

    I also laughed aloud at:
    “Why did the chicken cross the road? World domination, that’s why! “

  11. Hard to keep a straight face with Jed and Rosco paying so much attention to my bird.

  12. I know times are tough Jed, what with the women folk still back east, but…ummm…you can stop touching my bird now.

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