Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Metal Hurlant Chronicles

(Metal Hurlant=Screaming Metal, an asteroid, all that remains of a planet destroyed by it’s inhabitants, streaking it’s way through space, screaming in pain, connecting each stand alone story as it passes in this series televised by the SyFy channel.)

The Metal Hurlant Chronicles are a Franco-Belgian (English language) television series being aired back to back on the SyFy network. It is based on the French anthology of science fiction/horror comics begun in 1974, and published in the US under the title ‘Heavy Metal’ (by National Lampoon.)
It was more magazine-like, as it contained articles/reviews on scifi books, films, music and video games.
Published quarterly, then eventually, bi-monthly, it was originally created by Jean Giraud (Moebius), Philippe Druillet, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Bernard Farkas, better known as ‘Les Humanoïdes Associés’ (United Humanoids), though other artists (including Alejandro Jodorowsky) contributed to it’s pages.
It has been considered one of the first mature ‘adult’ comic books, ceasing publication completely in 2004.

Twenty four, half-hour episodes were filmed. I’ve only begun watching them and am pleasantly, though sometimes confusedly, impressed.
The acting/filming seems like it was done on a shoe-string budget, but gives the feel of a live-action, kind of kitschy, comic book, so thus, hits the mark. The stories, however, I’ve found to be excellent. They’ve had some really unforeseen twists, and there are links connecting (though not necessarily pertinent to the storyline) several of the ones I have watched so far.
All in all, I think they are a worth while half hour of my time, each.

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  • Forlath Grey May 21, 2014 11:22

    Yes! I used to occasionally read Heavy Metal as a young teenager, even though I probably shouldn’t have, considering the content. I remember it as being very intense but containing some of the most amazing artwork I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t get the promo vid you posted, it makes it look like a knock-off version of Game of Thrones??

  • Forlath Grey May 21, 2014 19:54

    So less Games of Throne, more Star Gate?

    I’m intrigued . . .

  • Forlath Grey May 24, 2014 09:39

    Watched one of the episodes last night. Something about an escape pod and fighting for the last of the oxygen. I was delighted to recognize Dominque Pinon as the engineer. The opening scene with the guards bantering in the hallway while the female captain seduced a crew member though, seemed a little . . . silly? The only thing that made it palatable was you could almost picture the action in comic frame form . . . which begs the question would this show have been better animated? Probably . . .

    I’ll keep watching, see if it gets any better. I remember seeing the Heavy Metal movie after it went to VHS, in the late 80’s maybe?

    Yes it was graphic and seemed a bit forced, like they had to do some serious editing to fit the entire concept into a 90 minute movie. I think the animation was pre-digital, i.e. hand drawn with a look similar to the animated LoTR movie. Check it out if you get the chance, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t on Netflix . . .

  • Forlath Grey August 6, 2015 16:36

    Watched a couple more episodes of the Metal Hurlant Chronicles, and in all honesty, some are a little . .. silly. It’s obviously an international effort, which I’ve got nothing against but sometimes the thick accents kinda ruin the dialogue, not that the dialogue is all that scintillating to begin with but still. The effects are fun enough. Plenty of choreographed fight scenes. Not sure what the aversion is to a happy ending, guess the entire point is the underlying dark theme . . . Giant Killer Bunny, that’s all I’m going to say.

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