1. Loving the tree and shrubbery, the leafery, it’s reminiscent of a Van Gogh or Monet.
    Very well done, sir!

  2. Forlath Grey 4 years ago


  3. Ezra Yesterday 4 years ago

    Agreed, very well done.

  4. Btw, does this, um, belong to the same category as furries? An offshoot perhaps? 🙂

  5. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    Furries? That’s Bob, Jim and a friend, from my Animals vs the Undead webcomic!

  6. Glad you cleared that up. I was worried there for a minute.
    (and yes, I know who those two little anthropomorphics are, I’m a fan of that comic!)

  7. Brain 4 years ago

    Did we ever catch the banshee? Or was it the flu?

  8. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    Yes. I caught the flu. The man flu. It was horrible.

  9. Brain 4 years ago

    I’m not a fan of hunting big game!

  10. Huh? What? I think one flu over the cuckoo’s nest 😛

  11. if you get my meaning *hint hint wink wink*

  12. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    Um . . . if that’s an innuendo, I don’t get it.

  13. Brain 4 years ago

    That’s because ‘they’ don’t want you to get it man!

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