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    I got the opportunity to try out an Oculus Rift system today. to say it was a treat is a massive understatement. I was presented with two pretty basic tech testing programs to experience and to say it was unusual and breathtaking is saying the least that can be said.

    my thanks to Taylor Waddell and associates for such a fun and eye opening experience. I cant wait to see what the future brings for this.

    for those who don’t know, here’s some info on it.

    the best part (worst part?) was one of the demos was walking a Doom/Quake like map, but you’re unarmed and can only run. I was chased down a hallway by a Velociraptor right into the waiting arms of some crazed looking vampire zombie ‘living dead girl’ thing. the panic rush and dread was all too real as I started trying to bash its face and realized I was both cornered and helpless.

    it was an earlier version of this game https://youtu.be/v8SSv4p6Zf8

    (17 min vid and some NSFW language, but it conveys the feeling pretty well)

    if you get a chance you really have to experience it to believe it


    • Absolutely insane. From our vantage point watching the video, it doesn’t look that intense but obviously it’s something else entirely when you’re wearing the device. You must lose the detachment and distance a monitor screen provides.

      I tried something similar in Orlando last year. Disney has an arcade version where you fly on a magic carpet or some such, and steering was dependent on which way your head turned. I seem to recall a lot of flying into walls. I found the head tracking very conditional for lack of a better term, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before the tech resolves those kind of issues . . .

      • insane is a good word for it. since a good bulk of our ‘reality’ is based on a fairly closed set of senses. sight, hearing and tactile…limiting/controlling you in two and erasing the 3rd (no tactile feedback) skews your reality instantly. adding a very well done use of ambient 3D sound to add the almost cliche’ yet still very effective haunting sounds to it makes for some amazingly realistic fear impulses.

        I cant wait to see what else comes from some of this tech. I hear there is an auto racing sim that is pretty epic as well.

      • “…limiting/controlling you in two and erasing the 3rd (no tactile feedback) skews your reality instantly.” Well put . . .

    • So it’s kinda like having a monitor strapped to your face that can sense your movements?

      • didn’t watch the video yet.
        hmm, maybe next will be something like the organic pod thingy in existenz?
        dunno that i’d want to plug something into my spine, though.
        a holodeck would be better. muchly so.

      • Watch the video! Seriously, even a couple minutes is enough to give you an idea of what it’s like . . .

        • watched it. not good for anyone jumpy or easily startled, that’s for sure, and yeah, the sound, like with the heart pounding, could cause a definite adrenaline rush. i can’t even imagine playing something like silent hill with this (which really freaks me out.)
          is the headset heavy? can it cause motion sickness in anyone prone?

          • well, I can understand not being a fan of the ‘make me poo myself’ stuff. you would however, likely love the other I was shown. its called Sightline. it was an earlier version of this:

            the one I did is a little older, but its quite amazing. its not scary, just…mind bending in many ways.

            take a look. you will no doubt enjoy this one much more. the version I did was just observation. no movement or interaction. none the less, my palms were sweating by the end of it.

            • when falling, do you like see the ground coming toward you before you splat? yeah, that could be disconcerting.
              simulated death?

              • there was a simulated beating taken in the Dreadhalls thing. nothing in Sightline though. nothing seemed agro enough to come after you.

          • and yes, I do believe it could easily make someone prone to motion sickness have a reaction. one of the favorite demos is a roller coaster ride. I didn’t get to see it, but from what Ive heard, it has actually caused people to (lose their lunch) from the visual input alone

          • ah ha! found it. Sightline – The Chair.
            this is the one I did

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