• Maj. Bastable Fitzwiggins posted an update 4 years ago

    Finally, I have found a copy of Viy, also known as Forbidden Empire, to watch and possibly enjoy. Steampunkery and magick not unlike that seen in The Golden Compass, though this be set on ‘Earth’ in the victorian age. I’ll report back later tonight on whether or not it was worth the effort. TTFN.

    • Mediocre at best, perhaps if I were under the influence it would have been better. I’m not saying it wasn’t interesting at least enough for me to watch all the way through, just that I was hoping for a more action filled adventure. I can definitely rank nearabouts the Golden Compass or even the Brothers Grimm. Better than Season of the Witch, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice or Cirque du Freak. Still the overall tale has merit and the inventions were pretty cool. Hope this helps in any future decisions to watch Jason Fleming plod through the scenery. TTFN.