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    Was solls!?

    • You have got to be joking – the acting in the first Iron Sky movie was so bad, not even the special effects budget could save it. Now they’re making a sequel? Here, watch the 1st minute of this clip, pretty much the only thing worth seeing in the entire dismal film . . .


    • Yeah, I wonder about all those ‘craters’. Underground mining operations or simply giant moon worms?

    • Hey, doesn’t the US own the moon, after all, who got there first…..or did we!?!

    • AND (no, I’m not done yet) the UK did a kickstarter!

      maybe I need to do one to get back home 😉
      (k, now I’m done.)

    • So I wasn’t quite finished.
      On ‘Mining the Moon for Helium’-
      Was the lunar program abandoned because- a. we never got there in the first place, but made our point? b. we were warned to leave it be? c. something was discovered that was better off left unknown at the time? What, what, what?
      And how can they sell land there!?! Can everybody that owns sections legally charge a fee for trespassing, or resell?
      I want to be a space detective! I’m pretty spacey 🙂
      Particle physics and Astrophysics *sigh* I wish my brain was smarter.
      If the moon is strip-mined, what effect would that have on it, and Earth?
      Yeah, and that would make us ‘those’ aliens that do nothing but take what we want and when there is no more, leave.
      So, if it becomes a realism, would this energy be free to all, or at least cheaper than sources now?
      Guess only for modern industrial civilizations, doubt if those living in the rain forest would care…

      It is all exciting, and scary, too.
      (Oh, and since we name EVERYTHING, why have we not yet named our moon? How about naming it Ourmoonica? Nah, too cheesy, not imposing enough.)
      (Also, why do some UK people pronounce words ending in an ‘a’ like an ‘er’? Naser? New Yorkers do that, too.)
      NOW I’m done. For reals this time.