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    Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Burn’s Night.

    • What, nothing about right and left handed haggis, leg lengths and breeding problems with LH & RH Haggis

    • And if you haven’t time to sit and eat, you can have a Haggis Pop!

    • wow. I don’t have any idea what any of this means…and yet, I laughed.

      Im just odd that way I suppose

    • Ronin, are you saying you’re not familiar with the Scottish Poet, Robert Burns?? Wrote Auld Lang Syne? A Burn’s Supper is an occasion to celebrate and commemorate a man who liked his drink, liked his women, and knew a thing or two about versifying. What better reason could there possibly be to get together and raise a glass.

      Here a brief description from Prof. Extreme’s friends over at Wikipedia . . .

    • sorry, but cannot honestly say I have. recall, that I am in fact in Southern California, the modern tech home of fruits and nuts, silicone valley of the implants and heathens all.

      the only culture here is in the yogurt….

      I have however been most curious as to the haggis. the only one Ive seen here was frozen and sold at a rather strange local grocery store.

    • I did not know that traditionally made haggis was available in the US because of lung being one of it’s ingredients. I had pseudo-haggis at a renfaire, tasted of liver and cloves.
      (haha, the only culture there is in yogurt, good one 🙂 mmm, yogurt….)

    • lungs schmungs. Id totally try one. a little BBQ sauce, a baked spud with the works? yeah, Im in.

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