• Ldy Patch and Profile picture of Maj. Bastable FitzwigginsMaj. Bastable Fitzwiggins are now friends 6 years, 4 months ago

    • How are you doing stranger? Your absence here and elsewhere is greatly mourned. We miss you so much. Come back Patch, come back….

      • Hahaha
        Many thanks, Bastable!

        You are really too kind. Really. 🙂
        I’ve been well. Just trying to do things to keep me sane whilst I live for a bit longer in Des Moines. Which has taken much of my time away from other interests.
        I pop in now and again…haven’t for a terribly long time however. If it wasnt for having dinner with Ronin the other night, I wouldn’t have known we moved! Haha

        I venture over to the (cough) empire now and again to see the what’s what….

        How have you been? Your health has improved I hope!

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