• Ldy Patch and Profile picture of RoninRonin are now friends 6 years, 3 months ago

    • ah, you found us. and here I just sent the new address to you.

      welcome aboard Ms Patch

      • Ronin!
        It really was great to meet you in person!
        I’m so glad we will be doing this again soon.

        In fact I went home and tracked everyone down asap.
        Life has a way of keeping me busy. Thankfully we’ll be headed back to Cali by the end of June. Iowa, though I’ve made some wonderful girl friends, is simply too cold for me. plus! Watching my mum and sister play dress up from afar has me all sorts of jealous.
        Gosh you should see the beautiful costume my mom is working on now. Its lovely.
        Hopefully Adam(Kendra’s new husband) can learn some things from you. Seems ?like he’s really excited about this sp thing.

        • youre just how I pictured and imagined you my friend. a joy to be around.
          I was jazzed to see K and meet the new hubby. getting to add you to the mix was just a jackpot for me.

          yeah, Adam seems very nice and does seem quite up for some steampunking. not to mention he doesnt even have to fake the Brit accent.

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