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    @just-justine when you’re logged in, your profile page is your main page. Clicking ‘activity’ in the menu pulldown will now direct you to an activity column, but without the full functionality and filters of the activity feeds on your profile page.

  • The Walking Dead S4, E10 – Inmates

    Okay, watched the latest episode . . .

    *Spoiler Alert*

    Whose shoe was that? Luke’s?

    I hate, hate, hate when they (by ‘they’ I mean anyone!) play the ‘children in danger’ card. I was on absolute pins and needles until Carol showed up and quite frankly I didn’t like it.

    Also, leaving the girls and AND the baby on their own? Who would do that?

    I loved that Tyreese hugged Carol – I kinda took that to imply – nothing is so bad that a little imminent death won’t make seem almost trivial by comparison.

    @just-justine could Lizzie’s character be headed towards a shadow type role to counterbalance Carl’s light kind of thing? Ying and Yang? Just a thought.

    Is there anyone by this point who for a moment thinks the ‘Welcome’ sign to Terminus is anything other than a foreshadowing of something bad to come??

    Seriously, I get that constant fighting for your life probably counts as good cardio – but Glen fighting right through the middle like that, seriously?

    Finally, mullets and 70’s mustaches? I’m inclined to think that right there is a pretty good ‘bad guy’ indicator . . .

  • You can only invite your friends to groups you create. There is no option to invite all site members. @just-justine

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    Great idea for a group! @just-justine

  • Mentions test 2!

    Looking good there FG @forlath-grey

    I pull out my shield of deflection and bounce your lasers right back at you! @ronin

    Beware he that walks behind the rows! @ldy-patch

    Testing, testing 123, is this thing on? @newtsoda

    Love the new group! @just-justine

    Wot wot @maj-bastable-iggy-fitzwiggins

    Looking younger everyday @ezra-yes…[Read more]

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