• Just Justine posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Happy 2016 my fellow DWMachiners!
    Time for some mummery! 🙂

    • It started with an LGBT group from Phillie’s gayborhood (their word, not mine.)
      Traditionally, only men were allowed to march in the parade (dressed as women if such was the theme.)

    • OMG, Jesus was just doing the mummer’s strut in a theme called ‘beer from heaven’!
      I ‘spose it’s appropriate since I think it was monks who made the best beer, trappists or something. Monks made wine, too. So did Jesus, well, sorta.

    • Hmm, they said no motors/engines are allowed in the parade, and the mummer’s strut is based on a dance called the cakewalk.

    • Reflection on the Mummer’s Parade- there must be a lot of naked birds now. . …