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    About freakin time . . .

    • I know its great isn’t it, a Dr Who from Yorkshire… Brilliant…

    • Yorkshire? That changes everything!

    • Not sure that I agree that this necessarily Needed to happen, but I’m not passing any judgements until I see her in action. I was not a big fan of the choice of Matt Smith but I quickly warmed up to him, and I’m going to say he became one of my top 3 about 1/3 of the way through his first season.
      Spoiler( …maybe, I guess? Better safe, and all that rot…)
      I will say that I was kind of looking forward to old Walder Frey being the next regeneration , asked on the last scene of the season, but I guess he’s playing some form of the first Doctor.

    • A great quote from author Mary Robinette Kowal: “It’s not about adding diversity for the sake of diversity, it’s about subtracting homogeneity for the sake of realism.”

      But yes, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting . . . though I’m not sure what sweet or savory dessert foods have to do with it. Remember showrunner Moffat is also stepping down, supposedly, so that may or may not have a coinciding impact to the direction of the show. I for one am keen to see Moffat go, not a popular opinion, I know, but his convoluted style of writing drives me nuts . . . think I feel a comic coming on . . .

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