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    Yes, big change from last theme in that this one focuses on a new and improved member profile page as your home page, instead of the front page activity feed. But to ease the transition to this new format, there is an all site activity feed on the sidebar to your right.

    On your profile page, there are specific feeds for friends, groups, &c, depending on which filter you click. Check out the various options, take her out for a test drive, and let us know if you have any questions.


    • Adding videos, paste the share link from yotube directly into the post, no text either before or after and the video will appear when you post.

    • @just-justine when you’re logged in, your profile page is your main page. Clicking ‘activity’ in the menu pulldown will now direct you to an activity column, but without the full functionality and filters of the activity feeds on your profile page.