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    Just watched the 1st episode of the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel dramatization by the BBC . . . it is everything I had hoped for, eagerly await the next episode . . . and yes, yes I know you lot in the UK are well ahead, good for you, keep it to yourselves . . .

    • I only saw the first,then missed the rest. So I cant comment. It was very well presented though.

    • Just got to watch the first two episodes and I am not only hooked, but reeled in!
      It is so good, I’m enjoying it immensely! For some reason Mr. Norrell reminds me of Mole in Wind in the Willows….that, and George Washington.
      Has anyone read the books? Are they as good as the series or even better?

    • Not only have I read the book, it’s one of my all time favorites! The author Susanna Clark, literally puts more narrative into one of her footnotes, than some authors manage in an entire book . . .

    • I’m about to give this show a try as I expect it to be quite a good show due to Forlath’s espousing of its virtues. We do seem to share the same tastes in moving pictures. TTFN.

    • I am not liking Mr. Norrell. I do like Strange, however, and muchly so.
      I hope they can eventually come to terms. Funny, it’s like Norrell, whom I would assume is the older of the two(?) wants the new and Strange wishes to resurrect the old ways.

    • Watched ep5 ‘Arabella’ last night, enjoyed it immensely, although I found Jonathan’s wife’s predicament extremely distressing. I have read the book, but for the life of me don’t remember the latest turn of events, is the plot deviating from the book?

      Question – could Childermass be the Raven King in disguise? Yet another thing I honestly do not remember and I must say, it’s a nice place to be, knowing the characters but not remembering what they’re about to do next.

      Recently got into an exchange with a friend who was of the opinion that even though this sort of show is right up her street, she found it extremely boring and gave up after two episodes. She was really quite adamant about it and a bit defensive when I expressed dismay. Must you read the book first in order to enjoy the show? I can’t imagine that to be the case, but apparently it doesn’t appeal to everyone . . . poor simpletons . . .

    • Hmm, Childermass as the Raven King, that is an interesting concept, Forlath, though Vinculus relates ‘the Raven King is coming’ which would mean he wasn’t there yet, BUT then there’s the tarot reading and the fact that Childermass is Norrell’s man, and Norrell’s association with the fairy (who really needs his eyebrows groomed…unless it is supposed to resemble moth antenna or something, which is what he brought to mind for some reason…)
      I am still not liking Norrell, is he truly concerned that reviving old magic will be dangerous, or is he just pompous and self-righteous?
      I feel sorry for Strange, his desperation to ‘resurrect’ his wife, and I wonder (since the latest episode) if he, himself, is not the Raven King or Raven King will possess him? It was not said how the Raven King will return. Strange seems intent on opening the portals.

      I’m really enjoying the series and will be sad to see it end (just as I tend to drag out, even though excitedly obsessed, reading a favourite book because I do not want it to end. Yeah, I have a problem with endings and yes, I know, it just opens up the opportunity for new beginnings yadda, yadda, yadda)
      Anyways, I’ve read there may possibly be a second season, the story being left open ended(?) If Susanna Clarke does not wish to write a second book perhaps she can be brought aboard in creating a second season?

    • Oh, and meant to add, since Strange was deceived by the fairy’s moss oak, would that negate his vow to it?

    • Thought about it further, probably, the reason I associate the fairy with a moth might also be because they use a flame to summon him.
      (The fairy’s appearance sort of reminds me of Sting in Dune for some reason, and his voice is rather like Mark Sheppard’s.)

      I have wondered if Stephen might become the Raven King, since he has been told it is his destiny to be king?
      Still leaning towards Strange, though.

      Everyone being magicians would be a very bad thing, though, I should think.

      Oh, and I liked the violin (music) sequence during Strange’s attempts at becoming mad.

    • Stephen Black, the nameless king. I’m beginning to wonder if the fairy was summoned by a slave (slavery was not abolished in England until 1833, and the story is set during the time of the Napoleonic Wars, pre 1833), the slave’s trade was for his freedom, only to be enslaved to the fairy?
      Just a thought.
      This is such an interesting story.
      Oh, and btw, what is it with England and turnips? The fairy said all poor english magicians want is turnips and porridge. Baldrick (Blackadder) always wanted turnips.

    • Watched the finale and loved it. Deviated from the book, but didn’t detract from the narrative one iota. But here’s the thing – they covered the entire book. If they make a second season it will be complete virgin territory. From what I’ve read, the author intended to write a second book but has been plagued by poor health . . .