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    So the teenage boy that lurks in my brain… yes, ok he is pretty much the totality of my brain… has commanded me to share the Netflix reboot of Voltron. I’m not a big fan of rebooting for reboot’s sake (looking at you, pretty much all of Hollywood) but this show is super fun. The graphics and ship designs spectacular and the plot is very similar to the one I remember from my youth, but without the cheese factor that was a standard in 80’s cartoons. But the best upgrade of all is the humor, most notably the team interactions; some of the visual jokes, slapstick and zingers they toss around are as strong, witty and just plain hilarious as any we have shared, witnessed or inflicted in these venerable halls.
    Sorry, I think I accidentally ate a thesaurus while sleepwalking last night….

    My point is, watch this show, it’s a blast.

    • Okay, I’ll check it out, if you promise to check out Dudes and Dragons . . . and yes, yes it is as silly as it seems in the following trailer. My suggestion is to drink a couple of adult beverages before viewing, then it’s hilarious . . .

    • I watched it and there were some very amusing parts; Spike from Buffy was really good as the big bad.
      I do have one observation that has sprung to mind now and then in movies past (mostly SyFy originals) …
      Just because you Can CGI, it in no way follows that you Should.

    • I’ve been enjoying the joy-joy feeling of nostalgia of an old favorite made new, especially the history between Alura and Lothor.

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