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    • I am posting on my phone so I can’t fix the above post… (OK, so I can’t be bothered to do so)…
      Anyway, I meant to say that there is no lower form of humanity than the creature known as the retail shopper. Go ahead and mark your calendars for a Robotic Holocaust ™ next Black Friday.

    • You think human stupidity will provoke the robot uprising? Well, okay, granted, you’re probably right, but I don’t imagine this shop being the flash point.

      No, the visual image that comes to my mind is a 3D version of Siri:
      “Would you like to purchase your product now?”
      “Did you say ‘yes’?”
      “Did you say ‘purchase full product line’?”
      “Processing credit card . . .”

      Yeah, I predict enraged shoppers will trash the place, set it on fire and then dance around the flames carrying robot heads on the end of broom sticks, two weeks after the grand opening . . .

    • I can see what you mean, but I worked in a retail store in a mall for 4 years and I can guarantee based on my experience there that most of the things I sold were more sentient than the things paying the bill, and I didn’t work in a radio shack, just a cutlery store.
      Beyond the mindless crushing crowds during the holiday shopping season, the two things that nearly sent me on a rampage every year were:
      A. The kids who thought it was funny to walk in and gleefully shout in a horrendous (I’m guessing they were going for an Aussie accent) “That’s not a knoif!!”
      B. Feliz Navidad on the mall muzac system… Every 38 minutes for 2 months straight.
      If the robots don’t rise in those conditions, I submit to you, they probably never will.

    • Hmm, sentient cutlery, huh, well the thought of that could be rather frightening……imagining scenarios now- my spoon screaming because the tea is too hot while at the same time, informs me it is, in fact, a soup spoon not proper for tea, as i try to explain it was the only one clean at the moment; the fork nagging I’m doing the place settings all wrong; and then there’re the knives. . .

    • and besides that, you’d have all those rebellious hybrids to deal with, sporks, spifes, knorks, sporfs, as well!