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    I watch Arrow on the CW, because as a kid the Green Arrow was one of my favorite comics, because like Batman, he’s just a guy with really cool toys, not an alien, demigod or mutated human with spectacular powers.. Anyway, the preview for next week has a crossover guest appearance from John Constantine…
    I hope this appearance will revive his show, maybe on CW

    • Sorry,no should add that it’s the same actor as the cancelled series

    • I could blame autocorrect for the bad spelling and grammar, but instead I’ll just say that the pumpkin spice moonshine is ready

    • Agreed. About hopefully bringing back Constantine. I’ve not really kept up with Arrow, but will watch that episode.

      On a different superhero series, I am enjoying this season of Gotham muchly. I really like Pertwee’s (teehee, his name always makes me giggle 🙂 portrayal of a rough tough Alfred, and I really like Taylor’s Penguin. It’s a shame they made Cameron Monaghan just a proto Joker, he was excellent in the role.

    • Yes, Got Ham is good. I like the scenes with Alfred and Bruce sparring because Alfred always takes cheap shots and I love the scene when he tells cat to take a hike and leave Bruce alone… I really like the character development nthey are doing on Edward Nygma as well.

    • Hehe Got Ham 🙂 yeah, maybe there’s some overacting, but it works.
      I agree with your opinion of Nygma. Did you see last weeks episode?
      Actually, the only one I find rather boring in the show is Gordon.
      The introduction of Theo Galavan is interesting, James Frain is an odd looking man, he sorta looks like a satyr.

    • I wasn’t putt down the acting, the word Gotham always splits into Got Ham when they zoom past it in the credits.
      I think Gordon is meant to be a little boring, he’s the one good, sane man in a corrupt and mostly crazy town.
      Yes,no like Galivan too… I really liked his “acting” when he and Proto-Joker were on camera at the charity event… That slightly over done voice and stopping to look at the TV cameras when he says Let these people go and take Me!… It’s really hard to get that across , portraying a character who isn’t a good actor, but he did it really well.

    • It’s too hard to edit on my phone but I meant I’m not putting the acting down…. And it should also read “yes, I like Galivan… “

    • My mother calls it Got Ham as well Ezra. I’ve been thinking for a while of easing her into a senior care facility and perhaps you could keep her company. What say?

    • I actually feel sorry for most of the ‘bad guys’ on the show. They all have deep rooted issues, both mental and emotional. Not that that is an excuse for their actions.
      Enygma is rather like gollum, though it seems his alter ego has merged.

      Yes, Ezra, you are correct, Gordon does seem to be the only sane one trying to right wrongs and such.