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    • Sorry, should have added the SPOILER Tag to this, since it gives away the last scene of Yesterdays World.

    • As potentially embarrassing as this is, I have to admit that I’m completely baffled by your repeated ‘Yesterday’s World’ references. I googled it but the top ten hits appear to be links to some sort of museum in Battle, Sussex. Ezra, what’s your fixation with a museum in Sussex?

    • Your response to my previous quote was along the lines that you are making a sitcom based on my life…. I was just suggesting a title for said sitcom, with a play on my last name.
      Then, because I can never pass a dead horse without adding a few punches, I referenced it again here….
      It was funny to me, at any rate.

    • By Jove, that’s an excellent title for a sitcom based on your life! We’ll call it – “Punching a Dead Horse”

    • This museum of Yesterday’s looks pretty spiffy. It sets me in mind of a local unmuseum (it’s a word, look it up) called Bill’s Old Bike Barn. It is a favorite stop for us on our way back from southern amusements, by which I mean Skeeter’s Pit BBQ in Shamokin makes my favorite Memphis style ribs. https://www.billsbikebarn.com/index.php?pageid=1

    • OMG, Maj, that is just the kitschiest! Gotta visit! Thanks for posting it!
      Know of any more cool little known places in the Pa./N.Y./N.J. area?