• Brain posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    Hello chums, how are you?

    Sorry for not visiting more fequently, slight problem at the lab, nothing too dramatic just a bad case of angry villagers. Nothing to worry about, or ask too many questions about.

    Now about the brain in a jar thing…….

    • I’m sure the brain in a jar thing is just a temporary setback, why even now I bet Professor Extreme is hatching a scintillating scheme to rehouse your brain in a suitable vessel. Isn’t that right Professor? Professor? Where did he go? I swear he was just here a minute . . .

    • Maybe the Professor can make him some sort of bot body, attach the jar to the top, or even the middle of it, or somewhere on it, and then just draw a face on the jar….and attach those glasses with the fake nose and stache on it? I think that’d work.
      Or just sit the jar on a Roomba!

    • I was thinking more along the lines of implanting it in a living host, like maybe a wombat or an ostrich.

    • Well, if we are voting, I feel it has been far too long since we have had a Platypus in our lineup.

    • I don’t remember any platypus, a walrus yes, platypus, no.

    • I’m pretty sure we never actually had one…but Luke was Austrailian, that’s close enough.

      Like I said, far too long.

    • I have a spare winged monkey or two. Might be nice having a ‘flying tank’ for back-up when we . . . run out of rum or mayonnaise.

    • I will just go ahead and say right now that I would rather eat my sandwitches dry than use Mayo that has been in a monkey, flying or otherwise.

    • Apparently they also do breakfast . . .


    • So Oz relocated to Georgia? Hmm, wonder why not Kansas?
      Maybe it’s that whole threat of tornadoes thing.

    • It has nothing to do with tornadoes, the reason it’s “not in Kansas any more” is because Georgia is a Right to Work state

    • Wow . . . I didn’t realize the Wizard had gone into local politics . . .

    • Not all of Oz moved, and it was never the Wizard’s idea, Glenda was against it as well. But voting stock and boardroom politics being what is, a coalition voted in favor of relocating the “enforcement arm of the minority bloc to a more suitable economc environment”.
      There is no record of who led said coalition, nor exactly how the Lollipop Guild was persuaded to fall in line, but everyone knows who was behind it…
      As everyone knows, outsourcing is a Wicked Witch move.