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    Testing… *echo* Testing….(yes, Christine, you are very testing.) Is this thing on?
    My plan, one of them, is to go time travelling Saturday night to the 1940’s. Anything could happen. Not least because the invite says 1942, but other comuniques reference 1945 VE day. I would offer photographs, but the events/conventions gallery seems to be a forlath only zone. Can I pick up anything while I am out?

    • If you do end up in 1942, swing by Berlin and kill Hitler.

    • Also, if Mr. Selfish won’t open the Conventions Gallery for you, feel free to post photos in here.

    • Slander! Libel! (I always forget the difference between those two). Ronin posted his San Diego comic con photos under Conventions/Events and Extreme posted his Steampunk Convival thing photos there. I can’t help it if I just happen to go to more events than you lot . . .

    • If you need any assistance at all I’ll gladly walk you through it . . .

    • Hey!, some of us have a life y’know..
      Oh, yes.. Errmmm You do…

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